Gibbs Quadski – how an ATV becomes a jetski

[Article first published as Quadski – the Melding of an ATV and Jetski on Technorati.]

If you’ve ever needed to get away quick, the decision has always been jetski or ATV? What if you could have both? Not towing a jetski on a trailer, but one vehicle that “Transformer-like” converts from one to the other. It’s coming this month, but only from Gibb Sports Amphibians Inc. through their 20 dealer network planned for the Midwest, Texas, New York and the Southeast.

This revolutionary vehicle, the Quadski, will reach speeds of 45 MPH on land through a 4 cyclinder BMW Motorrad’s K1300cc 16 valve DOHC engine and rear wheel drive. In the water, it converts to a Gibbs patented water jet propulsion drive and will also reach speeds up to 45 MPH or 39 knots. If you really, really need to get somewhere fast…this is your vehicle.

When in the water, the wheels retract in five seconds, all at the push of a button. The hull is wide enough to maintain a stable planing surface and has sufficient grip for responsive handling. Described as an HSA (high speed amphibian), this opens a whole new realm of possibilities for recreation and first responders.

The Gibbs Amphibian weighs in at 1,300 pounds, has a 15-gallon fuel tank and is available in five colors. Final pricing is due mid-November, but rumor has it approximately $40,000. For more information, check out their videos at

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