What to do when you’ve lost your photos

Photos represent such a thin sliver of time. 1/30th of a second is all it takes to record most photos; and, a great photo can quickly become a family treasure.  Losing that digital picture can be heart wrenching and being a digital file, it’s easy to do.

How often have you sent or received a photo that was really terrific, only to later lose track of it? Computers get stolen, dropped or just stop working. There are unfortunately umpteen thousand ways to lose digital data; but, if it’s digital photos you’re looking for, there’s a simple way to retrieve them.


Lost Photos is an app that will search your email accounts and bring back every photo or picture you’ve ever sent or received via email.  Depending on how long you’ve had your account, there could be thousands of photos it will recover.  Be prepared for an afternoon of nostalgia. You might not do another thing all day.

Search your gmail.com, yahoo.com (or yahoo.ca, yahoo.co.uk and other country-specific domain extensions), me.com, mac.com, aol.com, btinternet.com, charter.net, cox.net, att.net, xtra.co.nz, ymail.com or rocketmail.com email address, and any account routed through Google Apps for every photo you’ve ever sent or received.

Download the app at http://lostphotosapp.com and give it a try.

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