Keep on going with Spot On Energy


Hey you! Yeah, you – the one nodding off.  Can’t stay awake, but really need to finish that one last project?  You know the feeling. Bed is calling; but, you’ve just gotta get that one more thing done.

A whole industry is built on the idea that people don’t have time to rest. So what do you do? Most products send a sugary, caffeinated jolt down your digestive tract for a quick pick-me-up. While that might work, repeated dosing is not the best for you…lots of sugar, carbs and calories.

Spot On Energy has what seems to be a much better Made-In-America alternative. Their solution is a small 2” patch of all natural ingredients that goes on your arm for a quick pick-me-up without ingesting all that sugar. It contains about the same amount of naturally derived caffeine as a cup of coffee. Wear if for an hour or wear it for four, you keep it on only as long as you need it. (They rate it for 4-5 hours.)

It’s also great for travel. They come in handy, tear-open foil packs that fit neatly in your pocket. No more 8 oz. bottles that need refrigeration and can’t be carried on a plane in your carry-on.

I tried a couple samples and found them to work as advertised. Pulling one off about fifteen minutes before I went to bed, I had no trouble falling asleep, where I had been wide awake only minutes before.

They come two per pack for $2.99/pack and you can purchase as few or as many as you like.  Save some money – save your health – seems like a deal.

This is just one of our holiday gift ideas this year. Something for every budget – check out the others.