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Ultra-mini microphone grabs the full spectrum of sound

iRig MIC Cast microphone from IK MultimediaCES was full of surprises this year and one of the pleasant ones was a fabulous little condenser electret microphone from IK Multimedia called the iRig MIC Cast.  About the size of postage stamp and the same thickness as your iPhone, this little wonder enables you to do high quality recordings (100 Hz – 15 kHz) anywhere with minimum setup needed.

Simply plug the iRig MIC Cast into the headphone jack of your compatible iOS or Android device. Fire up one of the two included apps for iOS (one app for Android) and you’re ready to record. Its tight, unidirectional pickup pattern isolates your voice and drops out background noise. The microphone has been engineered to have an extremely flat response – not coloring the sound of your audio.

iRig MIC Cast microphone from IK MultimediaA mini analog switch enables sensitivity to be set for close-up or distant recordings (set it on ‘Lo’ for close-up recording.) On the side of the microphone, you can plug in your headphones to get real-time monitoring of just what is being recorded. (If you’ve never tried this, you’ll be amazed at all the sounds out there that you don’t want recorded.)

An adjustable stand comes with the mic so you can adjust your phone or other device to a comfortable angle for recording. When you’re done, the stand folds pretty flat. You’ll find that this makes a great addition to conference calls and speaker phone applications. The mic works with Skype, Tune Me, Voice Pro and others.

iRig MIC Cast microphone from IK Multimedia

At a MSRP of just $39.99, this is a quality mic with a can’t be beat form factor. So small, there’s no reason not to always have it along.


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