Vacation fun for everyone – even Fido

This Labor Day, people are trying to squeeze in one more vacation before the summer is officially over. So what do you do with your pet? Here are a few quick ideas to make this a pet friendly vacation. Three ideas to make pet owners purr…or bark…or whatever.

Send your dog on his own vacation

Dog VacayIf you just can’t take Fido along, there’s now a new solution that will make the vacation as much fun for him as for you. Dog Vacay is a new service started by Aaron and Karine Hirschhorn. Their site lets you find a real home where your dog can stay while you’re away.

Experienced dog lovers everywhere can sign up to host dogs for a small fee (starting at $15 per night); often, the hosts have other dogs and big yards, and some are even retired vets or pet trainers. Some couples on the site say that your dog can sleep in their bed, if that’s what your dog is used to at home. And the cutest part: You’ll get photos of your dog’s vacation!

The service is spreading across the country. Log on to Dog Vacay’s Website and type in your Zip Code to see if there are some hosts near you, or sign up  to be a host.

Protect your pet so they don’t spend their vacation lost

If you’ve spent the extra fee to take your pet along on vacation, you sure would hate to lose him in a strange location. Perfect for the “Dog Days” of summer, a new service is helping make it easier for pets to stay safe in the event that the pet is separated from the owner. Pet tags are now smart! Now you can easily scan pet/owner info using your Smartphone to help GPS locate the owner of a lost pet. PetHub tags helps owners digitize their pet’s important records and make them accessible via Smartphones and the Web.

PetHub provides pet owners with the fastest and safest way to get lost pets home. Going beyond standard ID tags, the PetHub ID tag provides immediate, one-scan access to critical information such as emergency contacts, necessary medication, allergies, immunizations, vet and insurance providers, dietary needs, and much more. Unlike microchips, anyone with a Smartphone can easily scan the PetHub ID tag or use the Web address on the front of the tag to access a pet’s critical information and immediately take proper action. For more information, check their Website:


Start a healthy lifestyle with your pet

Why not make this a holiday workout with your pet. Why, it could be so much fun, you’ll want to keep it up all year long. Impossible? Not according to the folks at They’ve developed an app that enables you to get a good programmed workout, teach your dog obedience training and enjoy your playlist with audio commands. You can read more about it at the HellaWella Website, or download Thank Dog! Mobile from the App Store.