Allstays Camp & RV

Allstays Camp & RV

I’ve traveled thousands upon thousands of miles doing travel stories, and a GPS was almost always part of my gear. If you want to get from point A to point B, it’s hard to beat.

Problems arise however when point B needs to be a certain type of campground. GPS fail.  Problems also arise when B is located on a road with an 11’ height limit, and you’re driving a 12’ high RV. GPS fail. Or maybe you just want the GPS to find you a place where you can park your RV a sleep for a while. GPS fail.

Luckily, Allstays LLC has come out with a range of apps that help you solve those problems while on the road. Their premier app is called Allstays Camp & RV. It will not only solve those problems above, but a host of others as well.

It lists over 24,000 campgrounds in the US and Canada; including private, federal, state, city and county. A special section includes all major campground chains. A great feature is the listing of Walmarts – categorized as those who may permit overnight parking and those that don’t.

For each camping area, the app stores phone number & camp information which can be reviewed even offline. While online, you’ll also get the website, directions, reviews and images.

Allstays Camp RVWhen it comes to picking a campground, you can be as specific as you want.  Want only campgrounds that offer showers, firewood and Wi-Fi? You can set those parameters.

Special stores are also listed that are helpful to RV’ers and campers such as Cabelas, Camping World, Costco, REI, Sam’s and more. You’ll also find multiple listings for all the major truck stop chains like Flying J, Pilot and TA Travel Center. Rest stops are listed by their geographical direction: northbound, eastbound, etc.

Low clearances are always an issue when driving a large vehicle and these are nicely broken down by 1’ increments, starting at 7’ and going up to 15’.

Check out the video for a great overview and look for the app online here.

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