If you love to share your daredevil stunts with the world via video, you’ll want to consider Hitcase Pro. Combined with the Vidometer app for your iPhone, you’ll be able to record HD video of yourself doing whatever it is that turns you on and immediately post the results to YouTube.

Hitcase iPhone holder for action videoHitcase and Hitcase Pro cases securely hold your iPhone in an easy to use flip open case that when closed, completely waterproofs your phone. They use a double edged rubber seal on the inside of the case to prevent water entry. As per the video, they suggest you inspect this rubber channel each time before closing the case. As long as there’s no sand or dirt in the rubber groove, you’re good to go.

Once enclosed in the case, you need to mount the case somewhere. There are multiple ways to mount it and the mounting stem is compatible with the GoPro® mounting system. With the appropriate mount, you can attach it to your vehicle, your chest or your helmet. The mount is very secure and yet very simple in design. If you use the adhesive mount and then decide to remove it – just heat it first with a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive.

Download the free app Vidometer for your iPhone and you can have speed, altitude, g forces and horizon line overlaid on top of your video to prove just how high or fast you were going.

From a purely photographic standpoint, in a close-up situation, the lens tends to accentuate barrel distortion and there is serious vignetting (darkening the corners). (See a sample below.) On a distance shot, where most of your action videos will be done, this is not a problem. Just check out some of the footage shot in these demo videos to see.

In addition to being a water proof case, the plastic has a nice texture to it that makes for a very secure grip, so in case you are hand holding your phone to do videos, you’ll have a much improved grip.

Check out Hitcase and all their accessory mounts at www.Hitcase.com

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