Each year it seems like we add one more piece of must-have electronics to our stable of gizmos. And they all need to be charged. How many cords and wall warts do you have around your house? Wouldn’t it be nice to have just one plug-in station where everything could charge at once?

DOK CR34 Charger and FM RadioWith the Dok CR34 charging station, every USB device you’ve got can probably find a suitable home and be charged at the same time. Not only that, it’s a great speaker system for your music devices, an alarm clock and an FM radio in case you care about the local news or weather.

This is a well thought-out desk or table top holder that has space on top for two phones and a tablet. It is brand agnostic, so it doesn’t matter if you have Apple Lightning or 30 pin connectors (see this article about Apple Lightning being dissed) or you could have a Samsung, HTC, or whatever. They all fit and they all charge.

The secret, but oh so logical solution is that each device uses its own charging cable. Under a swing open lid in the back, the cords plug into one of six USB charging ports. Then, the cables wrap around a plastic racetrack so that only the needed amount sticks outside the CR34, awaiting the arrival of your device. Smart charging technology delivers just the right amount of charge to your device for quick, safe charging.

There is also a 1/8” stereo mini plug for audio that can be plugged into the headphone jack of any of your devices to allow the two stereo speakers to play music or podcasts from your MP3 players or your tablet. The audio quality was unexpectedly good. Decent bass and lots of volume make this a go to device for listening to music. It’s got enough amplification that you can pump these up and hear them from two rooms away.

With the three devices on top, there are still three more USB ports for Bluetooth headphone, game controller and maybe a battery pack. In addition to charging all your devices, you can also take advantage of the alarm clock function, with backup batteries and a snooze feature (9 minutes per snooze.)  There are two alarms for “ought to get up” and “seriously gotta get up.”  You have your choice of waking to a beeper or FM radio.

Jump to 1:07 to get past the fast-talking salesman hype.

With the FM radio you get to set up to 10 presets and there’s even an equalizer built in for classic, pop, jazz or rock. The equalizer works on your MP3 players as well. Oh, and everything can be controlled by an included remote control. This is one great device.

Don’t need six chargers, Dok has you covered – select the CR15 for three devices or the CR30 for four devices.  Check out their line at www.easy-doks.com.

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