With all the thousands of manufacturers displaying their wares at CES, it would be very easy for any one of them to get lost in the shuffle. It’s also safe to assume that everyone traveling the show floors has already seen and forgotten way more than they now remember. But one small display was unforgettable.

Scottevest was showing their line at one of the evening social events for media and had what I consider to be the most exciting direction of anything I saw there. While this line isn’t on store shelves yet, Scott Jordan believes a jacket like the one shown below can actually be available for market in the next two years. That just blew me away.

Scottevest TEC v2.0Granted, I’m the happy owner of Revolution, one of the most pocket-laden jackets in the Scottevest line that converts from vest to jacket to raincoat. But, as much as I love that jacket, just knowing what’s coming really excites me. If Scott is going to radically alter what clothing means in two years, hopefully other innovators will be doing the same for autos, plane travel, music and who knows what else. Can the flying carpet be very far down the road?

So what is TEC jacket 2.0? This is a mind-blowing design that incorporates many of the most cutting age technologies into one of the most ultra cool (warm) pieces of clothing to ever hang in your closet. Their existing TEC line already holds as much technology as you are ever likely to carry at one time, but now you’ll be able to carry it and create an entirely different experience when moving about at the park or traveling around the world.

Take a quick look at this video and be amazed at what one piece of clothing will do to your life.

Want to see the slides, one by one?  Click one below for a larger picture, then use the arrows to proceed forward or reverse.


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