A trip to Philadelphia, PA is a great idea for anyone wanting to get a broader sense of real American culture. The history of this proud city alone draws in millions of visitors each year. This is the place where modern American culture began. Ben Franklin made most of his riches here, and he discovered a lot of his most important inventions in Philadelphia. The residents of the City of Brotherly Love enjoy a wide range of attractions. They love arts, sports, music, and more. The next time you take a trip to Philadelphia, you should put these five attractions on your checklist.

Philadelphia Art Museum

Philadelphia Art Museum by photographer James Temple

Philadelphia Museum of Art

If you enjoy fine arts, you definitely have to stop by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. For your comfort and enjoyment, there are several benches inside the main art galleries so that you can enjoy the art in your own way. You can pass a few hours sitting with a relaxed atmosphere and taking in the beautiful images before you. The art is organized in a way that invites you to contemplate the meanings behind each piece. There are also plenty of crafts from all around the world that you can buy to take with you when you leave.

Citizens Bank Park

The Philadelphia Phillies call Citizens Bank Park their home. Sold out crowds normally show up to every game to cheer on the Phillies. This park is a bit smaller than other parks, so people who like to see home runs will be pleased with their games. The athletically talented baseball players on the field put on quite a show. The children in your family will surely enjoy the way the mascots dance around and turn intermissions into lively parties. There’s not a bad seat in the house at Citizens Bank Park, so visit there today for a terrific baseball game.

National Museum of American Jewish History

This is the place to go in order to learn about the vast history of Jews in the United States. Each exhibit offers new opportunities for you to grow and expand your cultural horizons. You will be able to spend an entire day here without seeing everything. The place is too large and there’s just so much to do here. Everything you could ever want to know about Jewish history can be found here. The guides know a lot about particular exhibits, and they can always answer questions so that you can further your knowledge.

Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts

You can experience new tastes of symphonic music, theatrical plays, and other fine arts acts here. The talent levels of each performer will astound you to new levels. It’s quite possible that you’ll leave this area with a greater awareness of performing arts. You might experience Beethoven symphonies, or musical theater productions featuring incredible singing talents. You’ll certainly find something for your entertainment and enjoyment at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts. The performers take a lot of pride in putting on memorable shows for all.

Morris Arboretum

This is a fantastic, beautiful place to visit any time of year in Philadelphia. You really get an encounter with Mother Nature in the most elegant way you’ve ever imagined. The way the fountains and plants complement each other is pure poetry. You’ll never forget the mesmerizing views of some of the world’s most gorgeous trees. The tree house viewing platform is the place to be here. The Morris Arboretum is the pinnacle of the natural beauty that is always available in the city of Philadelphia. Discover the beauties of Philadelphia in an all-new way next time you visit.


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