Lightload Towel

Full size bath towel before use

I’ve always been a fan of little things that do a big job. I recently discovered Lightload Towels and they certainly meet the criteria.  Compressed in a waterproof cellophane wrapper, they take up virtually no room when not needed, but open to a fully useable towel when the need arises.

Lightload Towel

Lightload Towel unfolded and ready to use.


Lightload Towels come in 12 x 12”, 12 x 24”, and 30 x 60” beach towel size.  The 12 x 12” size is about the size of a silver dollar while compressed, and the largest one, the 30 x 60” is about the size of a hockey puck. As compact as they are, there’s no excuse not to keep a few in your backpack, messenger bag or camera case.


Just as absorbent as a chamois cloth, I always keep the small one in my camera bag in case of rain or a sudden drink spill. While my Nikon D300S is very water resistant, my telephoto lenses are less so. I hate putting them away while still damp, and the Lightload Towel really gets them dry quickly and completely.


There are dozens of other uses for the towels and the video gives you a pretty good idea of how valuable these can be in hiking or emergency situations. I’d recommend the box of 50.  They make great giveaways and all your friends will thank you. You can even have them printed with your company logo for a great memorable promotion.


Check them out and order them online at

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