Sometime the best solution is the low-tech solution, and GripGo has come up with a winner in their Hands Free Universal Car Phone Mount.  Somehow they devised an extremely tacky pad that grips your phone or GPS, holds it tight and yet lets it loose with a simple twist. Add that to a really good window suction mount and you’ve got a great way to hold your smartphone or GPS unit on your car windshield.

As sticky as this pad is, there is never any evidence of residue left on the back of your phone. I don’t know how they do it – but trust me – it works.

Another big plus – when you upgrade your phone, you won’t need to look for a new holder. This one accommodates just about any size phone.

After a while, if the pad isn’t being used, it will attract some dust and eventually not hold your phone as firmly as before. When that happens, simply bring the whole unit inside and rinse off the green gripper pad with water. It’s good as new. After a couple months of use, I do notice that I have to press it more firmly, but it does still work.

GripGo Phone Holder

With so many states making it illegal to hand-hold your phones while driving, this low-cost, elegant solution may be just what the doctor ordered. Check them out and order online.

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