Adding 3G service to all your electronics can get extremely expensive in a hurry. In a normal family, it’s not uncommon to have four laptops, a couple tablets,  a couple smartphones and numerous other Wi-Fi enabled devices. Hook those all up to a 3 or 4G plan and you’ve got a small house payment.


Enter FreedomPop with a new solution. Starting with free Internet, they offer a multiple number of ways to avoid the typically overpriced Internet solutions from the main carriers who’ve dominated the market to date.

FreeedomPop’s CEO Stephen Stokols had a vision of free Internet for everyone and is making it happen – go anywhere and have Internet at the ready. I recently tried the service and was quite impressed.

You start by purchasing a hot spot for your FreedomPop account. Multiple models are available depending on how you want to use the service. I opted for the Photon unit which is an easily pocketable flat disc about 2-1/2” square that provides a hot-spot for up to eight devices at a time. While I’m running my laptop and iPhone, my wife can be using an Android tablet and we all get great performance.

Traveling through Pennsylvania and North Carolina recently, I was always able to catch a 3G and sometimes 4G signal on their Clearwire network. In certain areas, I was even able to get online when my AT&T iPhone couldn’t find a signal. Impressive. FreedomPop will soon be joining the Sprint network which will add even further 4G availability.

Once you purchase a device for connectivity, you’ll be given options for monthly usage. Up to 500MB of data are available for free each month. 2GB of data is less than $20 per month and you can carry over unused data capacity for a small monthly fee.

I was skeptical when I saw this demoed at the CES2013 show, but I’m a full-blown believer (and user) now.  Check all the devices, plan options and possibilities this great service offers at

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