So, how high-tech can you get with the simple washcloth? Lunatec addressed that issue and actually came up with what may be the ultimate in heavy duty cleaning, yet quick-drying washcloths. Their slogan is Get Outside, Stay Clean and with these washcloths, it’s actually easy to do.

Lunatec TrekrFor travelers, campers, hikers, and all outdoor lovers, Lunatec offers a personal, self-cleaning washcloth called Trekr that comes in two sizes:

· Standard size is 27cm x 27cm

· Large size is 90cm x 30m

Both are made from 100% nylon and offer a great cleaning sensation. (If you want to wash your back, better opt for the larger one.) Just rough enough to exfoliate while it cleans, the Trekr is smooth enough that it’s comfortable to scrub as hard as you like without irritation. Rub a bar of soap on the Trekr before using and be amazed how well it suds up. The soap stays usable until you rinse it with water and then it immediately comes clean.

The towel comes with an elastic loop for easy hanging in the shower or on a carabiner outside your backpack. Within 15 minutes of using, it should be totally dry and odorless.

Ideal for removing bug spray, sunblock or good old-fashioned sweat, this cloth is durable enough to use over and over – probably for years. I’ve only been using the sample for a couple weeks now, but there’s not sign of wear.

If you’re doing cooking while you’re traveling, try the Scrubr, also from Lumatec. Smaller in size, (20cm x 20cm) it’s ideal for scrubbing dishes. Made from 60% nylon and 40% polyester, this will easily take the place of that old smelly kitchen sponge you’ve been using. With the same quick 15-minute drying time, this is a much more sanitary option.

Available online in one or two-packs, order them directly from or travelretailers like TravelSmith, The Travel Store and others.