Visiting Wrightsville Beach for the first time, we went looking for a coffee shop. Conveniently located on a street corner in the “downtown area” of Wrightsville Beach is the unassuming but highly visible Tower 7. Looking through one of the windows, it appeared to be a coffee shop, but on entering, we discovered it to be so much more.

As we entered store left, we got our tea and coffee and checked out the mouthwatering pastries. Going to be seated, we wandered into the right side and discovered a full-blown bar/restaurant with a hip Baja-Mex theme. The way it’s divided, you could enjoy coffee in the morning to the left and then pick up and go be seated for lunch later in the bar area, feeling like you were in two different establishments.

Tower 7 - Wrightsville Beach, NCThe lunch menu was quite extensive with specialties like: Tacos in a Beach Towel, Pulled Pork Nachos, Island Shrimp Wraps, Shrimp Pineapple & Bacon Enchiladas  and Killer Veggie Burritos. Too many good choices for just one meal. Everyone we talked to loved whatever they were having.

It’s pretty telling when you see the place full of locals, as well as the beach crowd, so you can be pretty sure the food is good year-round. The locals also refer to it as T7.

If you’re into BBQ and hot sauces, this place is sure to become a favorite. The long L-shaped bar is lined with various hot sauces for your experimentation and satisfaction. The servers are all helpful Tower 7 - Wrightsville Beach, NCand friendly without being pushy. We never felt rushed or pressured into buying more drinks as we sat and planned our day at Wrightsville Beach.

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Tower 7

4 N Lumina Ave  

Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480  

Phone (910) 256-8585


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