i-FlashDriveHD When it comes to digital media, you can never have too much storage. Especially with older iPhones, iPads, etc., the amount of music, photos or podcasts you can carry is definitely limited by the size of the hard drive which came with your unit. Even with the new breed of Ultrabooks, often you are limited by a small solid state hard drive. PhotoFast realized this problem and came up with the i-FlashDrive HD, which may be the slickest yet simplest universal solution to the problem.

Introducing the i-FlashDrive HD, a 2.3” long hard drive with a USB connector at one end and an Apple connector at the other (available in 30 pin or Lightning connector.) Models range from 8GB up to 64GB in size and are specifically Apple approved to connect to iPod, iPhone and iPads.  With their free app, i-FlashDrive HD can easily move files from PC or Mac to your i-Device or to another computer.

i-FlashDriveHD Simply plug the USB end into your computer and transfer files to the i-FlashDrive. Then, when you plug the 30 pin or Lightning connector into your i-Device, it will show up as external storage with all those files instantly available for playback.

The app you downloaded will handle file management, music playback, voice recording, text editing and AirPlay Streaming.  It’s the only device that is Apple “MFi” certified. Best part is that no network and no batteries are needed – ever.  Other devices exist with similar features, but require recharging and only last a few hours before needing to be recharged. Not with the i-FlashDriveHD.

I’m typing this while on a 13 hour flight to Japan and I’ve been listening to music and watching podcasts the entire trip courtesy of my i-FlashdriveHD. My iPhone4S has a measly 16GB of storage and the 16GB i-FlashDrive HD literally doubles my capacity. Best part – when I upgrade my phone, I still have that additional 16GB to take with me.


Photographers will especially appreciate the ease with which they can upload or download photos from their camera roll to their computer and back. Not having a 3G signal on my computer used to prevent me from sharing photos shot on my DSLR until I got somewhere with a WiFi signal. Now I can edit my photos in Lightroom on my Ultrabook, and export just those I want to send to the i-FlashDrive HD. Once there, I connect the drive to my iPhone and share away via 3G to Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, Instagram or email.

Get more information on the i-FlashDriveHD and all the available models at http://www.photofast.com.


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