iOstand from iOmounts

The perfect holder for tablet fun.

When you want to view your tablet from ANY angle, you’ll probably want to consider iOmount’s iOstand.  This thing is so decidedly simple, yet so elegantly engineered, that you’ll be hard pressed to find a simpler, better stand anywhere for your tablet.

The components

The stand consists of a weighted base (that really keeps it steady), a stem that raises it about 8” above your desktop, and a ball head with a magnetic disk to hold your device.  But your device isn’t made of steel you say? No problem.

iOstand from iOmounts

The round ball lets the magnet move your tablet almost 360 degrees in every direction. The red disk stays on the stand when you remove your tablet.

With each iOstand you receive two steel, adhesive disks (about 1 mm. thick) to apply to your devices. The peel-and-stick adhesive really works, so it’s advised to attach it to a plastic holder instead of to your actual device. Once attached, your tablet will click in place with just a touch and you can then spin it to any angle at any time. Viola!


This thing works so well, it was awarded the following awards:

  • CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree Portable Media Players and Accessories
  • Mobile Geeks – Best of CES 2013 Best Accessory
  • Gotta Be Mobile – Best of CES 2012 – Best Tablet Accessory
  • Video Maker – Best of CES 2012 – Best Support

Check it out on the iOmounts website.  They offer models for phones as well as tablets and desk mounts as well as wall mounts.

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