The 2013 Outdoor Retailers Summer Market in Salt Lake City has just concluded.  This is a twice-yearly time for the outdoor rec and adventure retailers to meet with manufacturers and restock their shelves with the latest and greatest in outdoor gear.

If you love the outdoors and you were here at the show, you would have been drooling over all the slick new gear and gadgets.  Better than an afternoon in an old hardware store.

While it’s hard to select just the best of the 25,000 products shown at the show, here at least are some of the notable ones. Not everything is on your local outfitter’s shelves yet, but if you can’t find something, drop me a note and I’ll help you track it down.

Kelty Airlift 4 Tent

No poles needed for this four person tent. Merely hook up your air pump and in minutes the tent tubes inflate, raising your tent.


Hot Logic Mini

This little mini oven takes only about 50 watts of power (i.e. you can power it from your car) but it cooks your food and holds it hot for hours without overdoing it. I made some Buffalo Wings in mine already and they were fantastic.  You can even cook your food in the Tupperware container you take right from your cooler. Amazing.

Hot Logic Mini

Braven 855s Water-resistant speakers

If you want music while recreating outdoors, you’ll want to take a listen to this 20w Bluetooth powerhouse that is almost completely waterproof. It will also wirelessly pair for stereo sound if you add a second 855s.

Braven 855s

Loksak waterproof pouches

Want to protect your iphone around the water? Want to take photos under the water?  Don’t want to break your piggy bank?  Check out Loksak…three waterproof jackets for your smartphones for well under $10.


Fishing Kayak

Want to trick out your kayak for fishing?  Start with the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12, add some gear and you could end up with this awesome fishing machine.

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12

All-purpose inflatable stand-up paddleboard

Stand-up paddleboards were all the rage at this year’s show – they were everywhere. So, if adventure is your game, and an inflatable SUP is your vehicle, you might want to consider the Bear Grylls Scout by Coreban.  There’s even an accessory tent that perfectly fits over the inflated paddleboard. Sweet dreams on your board.

Bear Grylls Scout paddleboard

Walking sleeping bag

Why settle for a dull old confining rectangular sleeping bag, when you can get a body-shaped sleeping bag. Get up, go for a midnight stroll and never leave your bag – from SelkBag.

Selk Bag

Dynaflex Sports Pro Gyro Exerciser

Trying to keep in shape but can’t get to the gym?  Rehabbing from a sports injury?  Take a look at this great, compact exercise accessory from Dynaflex.  Called the Sports Pro, it uses gyroscopic rotation to exercise,  tone and strengthen select muscle groups.  With such a small unit, you can exercise with the equivalent of 30 pounds of free weights.

Dynaflex Sports Pro Gyro Exerciser

Stay tune as we get our hands on some of these products and do more in-depth reviews.

P.S.  I know there are eight products listed – consider it a bonus since I like you guys so much.