It’s not every day that you get to witness the most spectacular fireworks in the United States, but this past week was just such an opportunity. I mentioned it in the Calendar of Events and I know a number of you planned to be there – so I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. This year’s event was called a “Boom & a Blast” and was promoted by the Butler County Tourism and Convention Bureau.

Pyrotechnics Guild International

We attended the finale of the week’s activities last night,  and were mightily impressed. The Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI) put on the event. PGI is a group of fireworks professionals and hobbyists dedicated to the advancement of the art of fireworks.

Their annual event was held at Coopers Lake Campgrounds this year and was attended by thousands of happy firework fans over four separate nights.

Pyrotechnics Guild International

Two-million firecrackers were lit and exploded within 27 seconds

Before the shows, a “mega-string” was lit and within 27 seconds, two-million firecrackers were ignited simultaneously. After watching their “All Star” fireworks display, including a 24” diameter behemoth shell, we were treated to two fireworks shows, each choreographed to music.

Before the shows, a “mega-string” was lit and within 27 seconds, two-million firecrackers were ignited simultaneously.

The first of the two major displays was put on by Mike Bixler of Bixler Pyrotechnics – a native of eastern Pennsylvania. His show included over 2,000 shells up to 10” in diameter.

The closing display was entitled Fireworks Extravaganza and was put together by John Sagaria. His show was over 40 minutes and most of the time, the sky was aglow with fireworks of every size and shape imaginable.  His “99 Red Balloons” was absolutely amazing, complete with red balloons floating across the sky with shimmering firework balls suspended below.  Enjoy the video with just a small sampling of some of his other work.

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