If you’ve ever fought with one of those rubber tipped styluses and felt like you were trying to do fine penmanship with a crayon, your search for a better answer may be over. The GoSmart Stylus 200 Series is a sleek, pen-sized and pen-shaped stylus with a precision tip that enables you to do some seriously skilled writing or artwork.

GoSmart Stylus

The series 200 GoSmart stylus is the more sleek of their two models

The 200 series feels great in your hand and is made of hefty metal with a pen cap to protect it in your pocket or backpack. The circular tip of the stylus makes very detailed drawing possible, as you can see through it and you’ll know exactly where your next line is about to start.

From the GoSmart blog: “For the artist that wants total control for some serious creativity, Procreate is the recommended App.  These drawings were created by Jonathan Gesinski using Procreate and the GoSmart Stylus.”

GoSnmart drawing

Jonathan Gesinski created these drawings using Procreate on an iPad with the GoSmart Stylus


Procreate is the recommended app for the iPad crowd as it has a palm rejection feature, enabling you to rest your palm on the screen without creating additional unwanted lines.  MaplePaint is one of the recommended apps for Android, but does not have the palm rejection feature.

I found that the only way to get highly detailed penmanship on the Nexus 7 (Android) was to write very slow, no matter what app I used.  I certainly couldn’t write at the speed shown in the video. When I went slow however, I was able to get the most detailed drawing yet out of my tablet.

I love the feel of the GoSmart Stylus 200 and it’s made durable enough that I’m not afraid to throw it in my backpack…ready to go whenever I am.

Check out their site with more videos: http://justgosmart.com

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