Frogg Toggs is well known for their line of quality raingear and ways to keep you dry. Add keeping your cool to that list with the Frogg Toggs Chilly Pads & cooling products.

I’ve just started using one of their Chilly Sport towels and can’t believe how well they work. The Chilly Sport measures 7.5” x 33” and is just right for draping around your neck or shoulders. It has a small slit in one end so that the other end can be tucked through it, which will keep it in place even while you are exercising. It even comes in its own sports bottle.

Chilly Sports Towel by Frogg Toggs

Drape it around your neck or tuck it into itself

So how does this work?

Frogg Toggs website describes it this way:

“The Chilly Pad is made from a new hyper-evaporative material that retains water while remaining dry to the touch. When wet, the towel becomes considerably cooler that the outside air, thereby providing cooling relief to the user. When it stops cooling (between 1-4 hours depending on conditions), you simply re-wet the towel in hot or cold water and wring it out. Within minutes it is cool again.”

It seriously works!  After wetting it for the first time, I began to doubt the system as it didn’t immediately feel like an ice cube. Given a few minutes however, and it was really cooling my neck…and it continued to do so for hours.

Chilly SportI also was concerned that it was going to be dripping down my shirt, but never a drop.  I wrung it out pretty good before putting it on, and it never released any moisture after that point. It also absorbs sweat, keeping you even drier.

Comes in many sizes and colors

The Chilly products come in a rainbow of colors and multiple sizes for a variety of uses:

  • The Original – for multipurpose use 27” x 17”
  • Chilly Dana – a cooling bandana or doo-rag
  • Super Size – twice the size of the Original at 33” x 25” – this would cover a beach chair
  • Headbands
  • Wrist Bands
  • Neck Shade – think of those safari hats with the back-of-neck white sunshade
  • Caps – provides a sun visor, mesh ventilation and an evaporative sweat band.

So many ways to keep cool, there’s no more excuse to curse the heat (well, maybe that’s stretching it).  Until now, a cold rag was a very temporary cure, but with the Chilly Sport, it keeps cooling more and more, the more you sweat. If it dries out eventually, merely re-wet it and the cooling action starts all over again.

When you’re done, simply rinse it off or drop it in the washer – no bleach.  Squeeze the water out and store it damp in a zip-lock Baggie.

Check out the whole line of Chilly Pads at their website and begin to really keep your cool.

Recommended for Seniors. awards their Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating for Frogg Toggs Chilly Sport.  Avoid heat exhaustion when exercising either in the sun or at the gym. Ultra simple to use. Easy to carry and store in a gym bag or glove compartment. Suitable sizes available for all types of activities. Reuse over and over.


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