DFX Gyro ballWhen you’re outdoors taking part in your favorite sport, who wouldn’t like to have a better grip, more muscle tone and better stamina. What’s it worth to get in the best shape possible?

On a recent trip to Salt Lake City, I was introduced to an amazing tennis ball-sized piece of work-out gear that should help you achieve all the above. It’s called the DFX Sports Pro Gyro Exerciser. With this lightweight little gadget, you can exercise with the equivalent of 30 pounds of weights.


Seriously, the gyroscopic exerciser develops up to 30 pounds of torque with 13,000 RPM’s for:

  • Strengthening arm, wrist, hands and grip, biceps, triceps,
  • Rehabilitation for arm and shoulder injuries
  • Coordination – gamers take note – you want quick reflexes and wrist strength
  • Competition – increase endurance for your favorite sport – inside or outside


While this shiny, plastic ball and could be mistaken for a toy…it’s anything but. Used by NASA, and the U.S. Military, it aids in pain relief and rehabilitation of carpal tunnel, arthritis, tennis elbow, tendonitis, shoulder injuries, repetitive stress injuries and more.

So how do you use it?

DFX Gyro ballTo get the benefit of the exercise, you need to first get the ball spinning. That can be done in a number of ways.

  • You can use an open palm to repeatedly stroke the ball
  • You can use a pull string to bring it up to speed (like starting an outboard engine)
  • Or you can use the optional Powerdock (with battery) to bring it up to speed

Once you’ve got it going, you can keep the momentum with proper left-to-right flips of your wrist.

You’ll definitely know when you’ve got it going properly as there will be a considerable force being applied to your muscles. With the ball going at optimal speed, you can do any number of simple low-impact exercises to shape and strengthen the upper body parts you want to target.

Check out the different models and try one or two for a completely new way to get and stay in shape. DFX has  number of models available here on their website.

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