You can now mount your smartphone or small tablet to the dash of your car with the utmost ease and versatility. iOmounts has paired their patented, infinitely rotatable, magnetic mount with the uber-slick, auto dashboard mounts from ProClip USA. This combination is gadget-holding heaven.

iOauto car mount

Start by specifying the make, model and year of your car on the special iOauto website. Then pick from the various models available. For my old 2006 Chevy Tahoe, I had a choice of three mounts – left side of dash, console mount or right side of radio on dash (that’s the one I chose.)

Then select from one of two choices for the iOauto mount. The standard mount will enable you to swivel your device from portrait to landscape whenever the mood strikes you. With the Pro mount, you can also change your viewing angle.

When it arrives, you’ll get a couple mounting disks so both you and your significant other can each attach one to your smartphones. Or, put one on your smartphone and one on your reader or small tablet. The ultra-slim, 1mm thick disks simply peel and stick to the back of your device.

Which one did I choose?

I opted for the Pro model and now either driver or passenger can have the phone or tablet pointing in their direction. With just a flick of the wrist, I can show the device to my passenger without ever removing it from the holder.

The device works so smoothly because it’s a powerful magnet attached to a smooth, stainless steel ball-shaped mount. Just a slight push and your device goes in whatever direction you push it. Spin it from landscape to portrait mode and back again in a second or less.

Installation was a breeze. The clip from ProClip USA was custom made for my dash and as such, it installed in about 10 seconds. No screws, no glue – just snapped it into the dash in the position illustrated.

Worrying about it falling?

Don’t.  I drove off road with it for a while and hit a few potholes and it stayed right with me. Over train tracks – no problem. That’s not saying I would take it on the Baja 500 Rally, but in normal driving, your device hangs on like glue.

Just a slight (and I mean slight) angular pull, and your device comes off with nothing else to do. No buttons to push – no levers to flip – no snaps – nada. Use your cup holder for holding coffee, and no more melting suction cups in the hot sun.

iOauto car mount

This is so much more secure than any other mount I’ve used, I’m sold on them. Check them out for yourselves at

One caveat – since it is a powerful magnet, it’s not made for everything. Older iPods with hard drives and the like would not be suitable. Modern solid state drives or flash memory devices are just fine.

Second caveat – this is made for smaller devices like smartphones and 7” tablets, readers, etc. While it might hold the larger devices, it’s really not intended for them. Check my other review for other iOmounts for your desktop devices.

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Recommended for Seniors. awards their Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating for iOauto cellphone holder. Simple snap in installation does not require any tools. Attach cellphone easily with magnet mount and use cellphone for hands-free operation. Keeps cellphone in easy to access location – no more hunting for a ringing phone in pocket or purse while driving.