We’ve all been there, out late at night and we lose something at a campsite or picnic site.  Lighting matches to look for lost items is a lousy proposition, but how many of us carry a flashlight everywhere we go?  And if we did, what are chances the batteries are still good?

Life Gear Glow Sticks

Life Gear has an inexpensive solution for all the above in their Glow Stick product. About the size of a slender cigar, these glow sticks are not only fun but they could be life saving as well.

Glow-stickPowered by three replaceable button batteries, you’ll get 200 hours of LED lighting. In addition to the white LED flashlight, the body also glows one of eight bright colors. Each member of the family can have their own and will instantly recognize their own color. Kid friendly, it’s non-toxic and it shuts itself off automatically after one hour of use. (That would make a great night light for kids to fall asleep with.)

There are four modes for the colored glow stick:

  • LED flashlight only – white beam
  • LED Flashlight and colored glow stick body together
  • Colored glow stick body only – 6” long
  • Colored glow stick body only – flashing

Each glow stick comes with its own neck lanyard, complete with safety break away fastener. There’s also a whistle built into the end of the stick.

Putting it in flashing mode, I hung it over my neck and let it hang down my back while bike riding at night. It was much more observable than the small blinking reflectors I used to use.

Select from the many models available at Amazon.com

Perfect for Halloween or anytime, every car, camper and backpack should have one permanently inside. Photographers – you can do some fantastic light painting with the multi-colored sticks – you might want to get one of each.

Check out their whole line – including waterproof model at http://www.lifegear.com.


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Recommended for Seniors.

DougBardwell.com awards their Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating for Life Gear’s Glow Stick. One button operation turns on all functions. Lightweight and yet large enough to get a comfortable grip. Batteries last for extended period – requiring less changes.