Mosquitno Bandzzz and Spotzzz

Forget those messy sprays and that Deet solution that eats your watch crystal. Now there’s a super effective solution from a company called Mosquitno. All their products are Deet free and made from nontoxic natural ingredients.

Mosquitno bandzzz and spotzzzChoose from two product categories – Bandzzz that you wear on your wrist like a bracelet or Spotzzz that you can stick on your clothes or on your camp chair.

Bandzzz are a citronella infused silicone wrist band that comes in a resealable pouch. Kept sealed between uses, you can use and reuse the band up to a total of 150 hours. It’s waterproof as well, so it’s great for those swim parties in the back woods. Available in children’s and adult sizes.

Spotzzz are approximately 1” diameter stickers that also are infused with citronella. With a peel-off back, they can be stuck just about anywhere. There’s enough citronella jam packed in each one to last up to 72 hours. If you can still smell the citronella scent, it’s still working.

Both Bandzzz and Spotzzz are made in a variety of fun colors and patterns. Buy them online from their website or from popular outdoor retailers.

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A family-run business based in Kansas City, Missouri; Mosquitno contributes 10% of all profits to UNICEF.  They also recycle your worn out bands. Send them 10 bands and they’ll send you two new ones. Good people.


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Recommended for Seniors. awards their Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating for Mosquitno repellant products.  Extremely easy to use.  Can be kept sealed in bag and reused whenever necessary. Prevents possible serious side effects from mosquito bites.