Never before have I experienced cooking this forgiving…and delicious. While I rarely do the cooking, when I did, I wanted the whole family to sit down immediately as soon as it was done, so everyone would appreciate the food at its best.

That was a joke. With seven kids, just herding them all together was a challenge – much less having everyone at the table just waiting for dinner to be served. If I’d only had the Hot Logic Mini at the time, my problems would have been solved.

Hot Logic Mini – slow and easy

The Mini cooks food slowly and evenly, preserving all the food’s moisture which ends up enhancing the taste of your meal. By cooking more slowly, you don’t get burnt edges or cold centers.  In addition, the magic comes with the fact that your meal will maintain its flavor and moisture for hours and hours after its completed cooking. (Scout’s honor.)

Hot Logic Mini

Literally, you can make an order of wings and they will be just as tasty six hours from now as when they were first done.  I can’t fully explain the magic, but it has to do with maintaining a low but constant conduction heat in a reflective interior.

Because of the low heat used, you can cook in any flat bottomed, sealed container – plastic, metal, glass, aluminum foil and even the cardboard containers that you buy from the store. If the box fits the 8.75” x 6.75”x2.5”” oven interior, you can cook in it. (For suggested containers, view this.)

The entire cooking process is done safely, on a smooth shelf that sits inside a colorful, lunchbox-like container. Simply plug it into any outlet, drop in your meal, and wait for your meal to be done. Typical cook times range from 45 to 90 minutes and can hold your hot items up to 12 hours.

Top tips

That means you could throw your breakfast burritos into the Hot Logic Mini, go to bed and when you wake up, your breakfast is ready to be served instantly. Then, throw in a casserole as you leave for work and walla, dinner is ready when you walk in the door. No waiting. It uses so little power, an average meal costs about a penny per hour in electricity.

Hot Logic Mini

The other trick I love is that this works at such a low wattage (50w) that I can cook using the 110v power outlet in my Ford Escape. Driving down the highway, dinner can be cooking. When we pull into a rest stop, presto – a hot cooked entrée instead of some cold sandwiches from a vending machine.

With a MSRP under $50, this little marvel is going to improve your life.  You might want two, one for the kitchen and one for the car or office. Check out all the colors available at

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Recommended for Seniors. awards their Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating for the Hot Logic Mini oven. No buttons to push, no dials to set, merely place your meal inside and plug it in. With the low temperatures involved, (never over 212 degrees, there’s less chance for burn accidents. Since your food stays in a sealed container while cooking, clean up is minimal – wipe clean with a moist cloth. Busy watching a TV show or a bridge game? No problems, the food will still be just as tasty a hour or two later.