Got an RV? Looking for a GPS?

Stop right here and consider this Magellan GPS which is ideal for your situation.  The Magellan model RV-9365T-LMB is going to blow you away with features that you can use with your RV and also when you transfer the device to your car.

First of all, how often do you use your RV? If you are a full-time RV’er, no problem; but most people use it a half-dozen times or less each year and don’t want to spend the money for a dedicated GPS that sits in an idle RV for month upon month.

That’s where this unit really shines. With the selection of one item in the menu, you can specify whether you are driving your RV or driving your automobile. Recommended routes change depending on which you are driving (or pulling.)

Magellan RV GPSThe RV-9365T-LMB offers a giant 7” diagonal measure, color touch-screen for easy navigation. It also comes with a dual-arm mounting bracket that works well in either big RV, SUV or compact car. With the hinging and sliding arms provided, you can mount it comfortably in any vehicle. The mounting bracket has the USB 2.0 adapter built right in, so as you slide the unit on, it instantly attaches to the charging adapter.

A special feature allows One-Touch selection of 20 different functions on this GPS, making it quick to check on any item and yet easily return to the navigation screen. With 8,000,000 POI’s to reference, it’s really handy to have a one-button press to find the closest Starbucks for example.

The unit is Bluetooth enabled and will import your contact’s name and phone numbers. It does not import addresses and it does not import company names. I was surprised when it didn’t choke on the 2,800+ contacts in my address book. You can then receive and make calls without actually handling your phone. It even has a set of five configurable SMS messages that it can send, like “I’m driving. I’ll call you back.”

Another set of great features includes free map updates, free traffic reports and free red light and fixed speed camera locations. The traffic chip included gathers data in real time from a dozen sources and updates your route for anything happening within the next 12 to 15 miles.  Just one or two speeding tickets saved could possibly pay for the unit.

The GPS will not only announce turns by street name, but also by landmarks.  Your next direction could then be “Turn left in 300 ft. at the Shell Station.” Couldn’t be easier to follow.

Driving with an RV GPS

Pick your RV type and the Magellan RV-9365T-LMB will select the proper route, keeping in mind your gross vehicle weight, total unit length including trailer (if you’re towing one), vehicle height and width and even Hazmat type if applicable. Enter your info once and know that Magellan will keep you off that backroad that has a bridge or tunnel you can’t fit through.

Additional choices in the menu can suit your preferences for travel.  Like many GPS units, this gives the opportunity to maximize or minimize the use of freeways. With this unit you can also select whether you want to avoid U-turns and/or unpaved roads.

Looking for RV services, this RV GPS has got you covered in a multitude of ways. Select Point of Interest (P.O.I.) and you’ll get a many RV specific services such as Good Sam RV parks and services, Camping World locations, RV Dumps (both free and paid), truck stop locations, rest areas and standard campgrounds.

A built-in A/V connection port allows you to connect a back-up camera or rear-view camera.

Driving in your car

Selecting a car instead of RV allows you to pick the quickest, most direct route without consideration of weight limits, height limits, etc. You still get plenty of other options that you expect in a quality GPS.

First, the unit is loaded with AAA recommendations for restaurants, hotels, city centers, tourist attractions and events, as well as auto repair, camping and branch offices. There’s even a “Show Your Card and Save” section of bargains for card-carrying AAA members.

Other major categories of POI’s include emergency services, fuel stops, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping, airports, repair, businesses, religious locations, public buildings, education, entertainment, banks, ATM’s, groceries, salons and spas, home and garden, health centers, marine services, nightlife, parking, public transportation, car rental, sports and recreation, and general tourism. Whew!

Oh yeah, there’s another section called Other Services, but you’ll have to check this out to see all those dozen plus other services. Did I mention there were a lot of features on this unit?

More great features

Whether you’re driving your car or your RV, it’s great that you can input multiple destinations and the unit will plot your route in the most efficient manner to save gas and mileage. Just select “Itinerary” and then select “Multiple Stop Trip”.

If you’ve only got one destination, you can select by address, POI, an intersection, home, a city center, or a previous destination.  Any of those can also be saved as a One Touch selection for easy return the next time.

Smart detour will give you up to four optional alternate routes with expected route times for each before you encounter a traffic delay. A large red triangle will appear and that means it’s time to plan evasive action if desired.

This is one full featured GPS and if you are only going to get one GPS for all your vehicles, this is the one to consider. More expensive some others, remember you are getting a lifetime of free updates for maps (US, Canada & Puerto Rico), free traffic updates and over 8 million POI’s. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more full-featured unit for those who love the outdoors.


Some additional specifications:

  • Dimensions (English) 7.72″ x 4.59″ x 0.73″
  • Dimensions (Metric) 196mm x 117mm x 19mm
  • Weight (English) 9.6oz
  • Weight (Metric) 600 g
  • Battery Type 720mAh, Li-ion rechargeable
  • Battery Life 30 minutes
  • CPU Samsung 2450
  • Expandable Memory microSD
  • Audio/Video Input Yes
  • SD Slot Yes
  • Display Resolution, WxH WVGA
  • Screen Size 7.0″
  • Display Type Color, Transmissive
  • Preloaded Maps US, Canada, Puerto Rico
  • Points of Interest 8M
  • Highway Lane Assist Yes
  • QWERTY/ABCD Keyboard Yes
  • Find Your Car Yes
  • Good Sam/Trailer Life Directory Yes
  • RV/Truck route Yes
  • Customize Vehicle Profile Yes
  • Landmark Guidance Yes
  • Bluetooth Safe Texting Yes
  • Junction view Yes
  • Best Parking Yes
  • Traffic Camera Alerts by PhantomALERT Yes

For a complete list, see the Magellan site at

Recommended for Seniors. awards their Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating for Magellan’s RV GPS. With a giant 7” diagonal screen, this is the easiest GPS to see available. The built-in AAA guide book makes it easy to research destinations, restaurants, hotels and things to do while on the go. Speed camera locations insures safe driving and saves potential traffic fines. Lifetime updates on software and maps means you pay once and enjoy forever. Simple online USB connection installs new maps when available.
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