Here’s a quick round-up of gadgets you’ll probably love for that new iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C, plus most will work with any smartphone. TLYT’s phone holder actually even works better with some NFC equipped Android smartphones. Something for everybody.

Neptor Portable Battery Pack

Now you can recharge your iPhone 5, 5S or 5C where ever you are with this sleek battery pack from Eagle Tech USA.  The Neptor ET-NP056K comes in five bright colors and can recharge not only a smartphone but also power your tablet at the same time with it’s dual USB connectors.

The profile is just about twice the thickness of an iPhone, but about the same length and width. Easy to stick in a pocket or purse…it’s always ready when you are.

Bonus, with a couple clicks of its button, it becomes a USB powered flashlight. Lose something in your purse?  You’ll love having this along on a dark night.

5,600mAh of power should be enough to recharge your phone three times. A battery indicator will tell you how much charge is left. Allow 5 – 7 hours to recharge. Comes with a micro USB recharging cable.

This product is has been awarded the Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating on Check the Senior’s page for more recommended products for those 65 and up.

Neptor battery pack

TLYT Capio Cellphone Holder

Nowhere near exclusively for iPhones, this phone holder works for all type phones and on all type surfaces. Best part, you can swap phones without swapping setups.

It uses a combination of sticky pad and auxiliary arms to safely cradle just about any sized phone you want to place on it. The suction cup also is a combination of sticky pad and lever induced suction that will hold to an amazing variety of materials, and leaves no residue.

For you Android users that have NFC capabilities, this holder is ready. Pop in your phone and it can automatically launch your GPS in the car or your Outlook calendar in the office.

This product is has been awarded the Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating on Check the Senior’s page for more recommended products for those 65 and up.


MyCharge iPhone 5 case

Talk for twice as long when your phone is protected and powered by the MyCharge Freedom 2000 case. Connect the built-in cable and pop this one piece case on your iPhone 5 for up to 9 hours talk time.

The battery is a 2,000mAh lithium polymer unit with a battery level indicator…so no more surprises. It uses a micro-USB, 5VDC, !.0A cable for recharging just like most other modern day devices – so only one cable can charge everything now.

Available in silver or black from


Recoil Cord Winders

Now that you are starting to accumulate a drawer full of recharging cords, it would be nice to be able to keep them organized and quickly available. Recoil Winders heard your need and is now out of Kickstarter with three sizes for the cords you want to wrap up, yet keep handy.

Available singly (small, medium or large) or all three sizes with a stand, there’s probably one just right for your cords.

If you’re unsure of the size you need, I’d recommend the large. Thick cords don’t work as well as thin cables, so the large capacity gives extra space and extra power to wrap up those thicker cables.


Wood Camera

For anyone with a cameraphone, Wood Camera is a great app for processing your new images and sharing them with some great new features.

Cropping is available with a plethora of preset sizes. Brightness is controlled easily with a slider, and there are dozens of color schemes and textures to add drama to the photo.

The tilt shift is one of my favorites, enabling you to keep the sharpness in a rectangular or circular area while blurring out or vignetting everything else. The size of the area can be adjusted by pinching. It’s a wonderful way to bring attention to just one person or thing in an otherwise busy background.

Finish it off with one of a dozen frame options, and you are ready to share. Sharing options include Saving to camera roll, Email, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram (either cropped or full) or Dropbox.  Look for it in the iTunes Store.


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