Braven 855S – rocking audio

Okay, admit it. You’ve got a pair of stereo speakers still tucked away in the basement someplace. They sounded so good back in the cassette days, but your iPhone and your iPad just can’t handle those RCA connectors. Neither can your notebook.

Braven 855S speakerBut you loved that big speaker sound…so what are you to do?  Try on a Braven 855S speaker (or two.) Now in a small package, you can get that same 20W room-filling sound and you can take these babies with you wherever you go. At less than 3-1/2 pounds, this compact brick of a speaker won’t break your back. It’s ideal in the car for tailgating, in the backpack for beach parties or in the picnic basket, right alongside the wine and cheese.

Sound quality is awesome – can you hear it? It’s playing right next to my notebook as I type this.  Okay, trust me, good definition in the treble notes and room rocking bass notes as well.  Want even more definition? You can actually pair two of these units and get separated stereo sound from a pair of 855S’s.


You can connect to the speakers via Bluetooth or via a line-in wired connector. You’ll have volume control both from your device and from volume controls built into the speaker itself.

Battery life is fabulous – expect 20 hours per charge, so the party won’t end because the music gave out. The speaker is also a battery storage unit, so you can recharge your iPhone right from a USB port on the speaker.  You can also take hands free calls with the Braven acting as a speakerphone.


Near the pool? This thing is IPX3 water resistant, so that means a little water won’t hurt it.  It can’t swim, so don’t put it on a floaty thingy, but raindrops or pool splash doesn’t mean the fun is over.

You really need to hear this for yourself.  Luckily they have dealers all around the world, so check here for a retailer.

Recommended for Seniors. awards their Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating for the Braven 855S speaker. Super easy to pair with Bluetooth or one-wire hookup to any portable music or TV source. Loud enough to hear anywhere in the room, they offer a full 20 watts of amplification. The hands free speakerphone capability for your cellphone will also come in handy when your hands are full with another project. Good grippable surface and not too heavy to carry.
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