They’ve been around for some time, but I just recently discovered the wide variety of top-notch phone/tablet cases and accessories from Rokform. I’m not one to fall for a product so quickly, but these guys have got an amazing number of great solutions for holding your device anywhere for any reason. Let’s look at some.

Your basic case – up a notch

RokformRokform makes v3 cases for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 4, 4S; iPad and iPad Mini; Samsung S4, S4 Mini and S3. What I like about them are:

  • Lightweight
  • Two parts slide together effortlessly with no mechanical fasteners needed
  • Bottom slips off easily to let phone slide into other accessories/chargers if needed
  • With the easy-stick mount, you can mount your phone anywhere there’s a flat surface
  • Can add a magnet to the case to attach your phone easily to refrigerator, toolbox, car door, etc.
  • Rugged – check the photo of the car running one over – yet extremely light weight and low profile
  • Customizable – get the two parts in different colors to pay homage to your favorite sports team

The v3 windshield mount

RokformBest in class, this v3 Suction Mount really grips a windshield.  The heavy duty suction cup is augmented by a locking plunger for a real death grip on your window.  Two hinge points allow you to reposition your phone or tablet to multiple angles for best visibility.

With the Rokform universal mounting bracket, you can easily switch from your iPhone to Samsung and back again without having to change mounts. The bracket is made of polycarbonate and die cast zinc for a quality feel.

The RokDock Stand

RokformLike to keep your phone visible and charged at your desk? You won’t do better than this RokDock Stand for Apple or Samsung. This heavyweight (3 pounds !!!) solid brick of Made-in-the-USA, machined, anodized aluminum will stay put anywhere you set it. With protective rubber feet, it won’t scratch or slide around.

Because of the weight, you can attach and detach your phone with one hand.  This is the first stand I’ve seen that let me do that with my Samsung Galaxy S4. The adjustable back bracket lets me adjust the viewing angle. All that weight in such a compact package is a good thing for sure.

And the hits keep coming

Similar to Nikon and Canon, once you buy into a system, you expect that you can add more accessories and do more with it as time goes by. That’s certainly the case for Rokform.  Take a look at their website for all sorts of other ways to mount your phone’s case.  They’ve got:

  • Dash mounts
  • Belt clips
  • Sports clips
  • Bike mounts
  • Motorcycle mounts
  • Tripod mounts
  • Even baby stroller mounts are on the way

This is a great line. You’ll do yourself a favor looking at Rokform before you buy just any old case.



 Recommended for Seniors. awards their Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating for Rokform v3 cases and mounts. Very easy to install and remove, these cases are what a case should be. The various mounts, let you keep your phone or pad safely and securely within reach – where ever you are.