When I first heard about the FlyBorgata program, I almost dismissed it as something only the rich and famous would do. Glad I decided to look into it a bit more. It may be the closest you’ll ever come to getting treated like royalty, without having to endure a blue-blood transfusion.

Borgata Hotel facade


FlyBorgata is a program available in fifteen cities across the US, where you’ll take a small private jet charter to Atlantic City, spend Friday and Saturday nights in the luxurious Borgata Hotel and then fly home again on Sunday. All for one affordable price.

Catch your jet near home

We drove to Atlantic Aviation, a private jet terminal near Cleveland Hopkins Airport, early Friday morning.  Greeted by two Atlantic employees, they showed us to the special, guarded parking lot and followed us to our parking spot, where they picked up our luggage and shuttled it out to the private jet we’d be flying.

We, in the meantime, waited in the lounge inside; with coffee, beverages and refreshments. When it was time to leave, we walked outside and boarded the comfy 39-passenger Dornier 328 jet.  No TSA agents, no baggage check, no shoe removal, no muss – no fuss.

Zap – you’re there

On the short, one-hour flight to Atlantic City, our flight attendant was constantly busy bringing complimentary beverages and snacks. If it was in her well-stocked bar, it was yours for the asking.  There were about 20 people flying from Cleveland the weekend we went, so you could pick whatever seat appealed to you.

When we arrived in Atlantic City, we only had to wait about three or four minutes for our luggage and then we climbed into a private, luxury coach for the short drive to the casino.

Borgata Hotel entry canopy

Welcome Rockstar

“Welcome FlyBorgata guests from Cleveland, Ohio” proclaimed the sign as we entered the casino. Ushered over to the Titanium Members check-in desk, we were all given our room keys and we were free for a three-day weekend of fun.

Borgata Hotel - Room 3216

Our room was located on the 32nd floor with a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean and the other casinos located along the boardwalk. The beds were super comfy and the bathroom was spacious. The big marble shower and huge fluffy towels were unexpected. I was also so pleased to find two things I’ve never gotten in Vegas – an in-room coffee service and a mini-refrigerator where I could store anything I wanted.

The Borgata Hotel, Casino and Spa is a small city in itself with something for just about everyone.  There’s no shortage of things to do or new experiences to try. With five 5-star restaurants and tons of smaller venues, your every food craving probably has a destination. We tried Bobby Flay Steak and the Old Homestead – and loved every savory morsel – especially the three pound lobster cooked to perfection.

Bobby Flay Steak restaurant - three pound lobster


Play to win

I’d never played Caribbean Stud, so I was anxious to give that a try.  Played for hours and had a great time with a table full of great people – many of them locals from the Atlantic City area. We also got to watch the progressive payout board drop from $946,000 to $746,000 as we played. Wish I had been sitting at the table with the guy that won the $200,000.  Turns out someone else had won a similar amount the day before we arrived.

Tried the slots, Blackjack tables, the Racebook and Atlantic City’s largest poker room…with varying degrees of success. Then took in the Lewis Black show on Saturday night.  What a riotous rant that was. He got a standing ovation at the end of the show.

Pure relaxation

You’ll have to read the separate article I’ll be doing later, but I tried out a variety of the special services available at The Barbershop.  Hot shave, facial treatment, pedicure and foot treatment. Let me just say it was a glorious way to spend a couple hours. After that, spent some relaxing time by the pool.

Swimming pool

Before you knew it, it was time to head back home. Three days, dozens of experiences, treated like royalty (that I’m sure I am) and flown back on my personal FlyBorgata jet.  Yep, this is the life.

To talk to a FlyBorgata representative and to see how affordable it can be, you’ll want to check out their special website page for FlyBorgata packages (and this one) and then call 609.317.7878  Tell them your royal friend Doug sent you.

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