Getting the best photographic/video shot is often about being the in the proper position.  Once you’ve got the position, it’s now about getting a solid steady stream of video and that usually requires a big bulky tripod. Not so with the Joby Action Clamp and Gorilla Pod Arm.

This pocket-sized camera mount is a blend of genius and utility. Super lightweight, there’s no reason to not have this in your camera bag at all times. You’ll be amazed at all the times this comes in handy.

Joby AJoby Action Clamp and GorillaPod Arm

Joby Action Clamp and GorillaPod Arm

The jaws open to 1-7/8,” so it’s big enough to clamp to countertops, desktops and the side of any open door. There’s a slot in the upper jaw which helps the grip if attaching to a round bar. Each jaw is covered with a nice thick rubber pad so you won’t scratch fine furniture.

The jaws will also quickly slide down to zero inches so you can attach it securely to street signs, corrugated guard rails, wrought iron fences, your open car window, skateboard, etc. Heck, if you need to, take off your shoe and it’ll clamp to that. No more reasons for taking wiggly, hand-held shots.

The short, typical Gorilla jointed-arm screws onto the clamp, either top or bottom for maximum flexibility.  Buy two and you can clamp two cameras on one Action Clamp. Bend it anyway you need and you’re ready to attach your camera.

The kit comes with a threaded tripod adapter for a GoPro camera or directly screw your video or still camera onto the 1/4×20 threaded post.  This won’t hold your heavy DSLR camera, but it’s ideal for all compact cameras and small video camcorders.

Don’t just think cameras either. You could use this as a holder for a microphone, a recorder, a flash light or a dozen other lightweight mountable accessories. Nice going Joby – this is going to be a winner.





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