On the day before the opening of CES, media were treated to an advance preview of the products being featured at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show.  Here’s a quick look at a random selection of things you may be buying this year.

Adonit Jot Script stylus

This is the finest writing stylus I’ve found so far.  Great feel and thin lines make it perfect for handwritten notes (you do still know how to write don’t you?)  Unfortunately, only for iOS devices at this point.


Sync Transporter

Plug in your USB  harddrive – connect to your home network and you have our own Internet accessible file storage system.  NO monthly fees.


Book scanner 1421 from Fujitsu

Best image yet from a semi-automated book scanner. Flattens the image of curved book pages automatically and scans up to full ledger sheet size.


SanDisk 64GB wireless flash drive

16, 32, or 64 GB  USB storage stick that wirelessly streams content to your devices without Internet access.


Cub Cadet RZT-S Zero

First electric zero-turn lawnmower. Cub Cadet offers the first rechargeable, electric lawnmower.  Battery will cut up to one acre on a single charge.


Nest Thermostat

Easily set your homes comfort settings, program for the week and if needed, make changes from our smartphone app – anywhere in the world.  No longer worry about, “did I turn back the heat before we left???”


Bluetooth Smartcooker –  Insta Pot         

Want to steam a great meal?  Now program your slow cooker from your smartphone or tablet so food will be done to your liking. The cooking app is smart enough to know your location and will adjust cooking times if you live in a high altitude area like Denver.


Two wheel Inmotion transporter

At half the price of a Segway, the Inmotion SCV is getting to become more affordable for the masses. Go 15 Km/h for a range of up to 20 Km.


SideKick360  holder

Beautifully crafted, this precision smartphone holder is ideal for those important tripod shots where you need to hold your phone steady.  Made to match the Arca ball head specs, this will slip right in, or use any of the three threaded mounting holes.



Now you can monitor two separate dishes with your iPhone.  Comes with two probes and a free iPhone app to monitor temperatures within Bluetooth range



Invented by the creators of Guitar Hero, this app samples your voice and applies any of 300 vocal effects in real time as you sing along.  Poor singers sound great. Good singers sound fantastic. Comes with mic stand, mic and 40 W speaker with subwoofer.


TP Link Wi-Fi

The Powerline series now brings Wi-Fi connectivity to your home network. Plug one end near your router and then plug the other at any point in your house to create a Wi-Fi hot spot.


Neato Robotics Signature Pro Vacuum

The most powerful, auto vacuum for your home or office. Works extremely well with pet hairs on either hard or carpeted surfaces.  Will even run up and over area rugs.

Neato robotics, vacuum, CES

Yuneec helicopter

Weighing only 5 pounds, this six rotor helicopter has the strength to carry a six-pound payload.  Master aerial photography or start your own Amazon-like delivery service.


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