The opening day was full of tech surprises and introductions, plus updates to previous products.  Here’s a selection of the favorite things seen on the opening day of CES 2014.

Jabra Solemate Max

I’ve been using the original Solemate for some time now and love its durability and good sound. Well, Jabra has upped their game and made Solemate’s big brother – Max. With possibly the largest passive radiator in any portable speaker, this thing pounds out the bass.  The exterior surface doesn’t show fingerprints and is durable enough for the occasional knocks and spills a portable speaker will invariably get. 14 hours of battery life for play time and there’s an internal 6,500 mAH battery to recharge your devices. Comes with a 1/8” stereo cable built into the sole for those classic MP3 players that don’t have Bluetooth.

Solemate Max

Jamstik Guitar Trainer

Despite the simple form factor, this is a seriously useful way to learn to play guitar – at your own pace, whenever you like, where ever you like.  Super portable, it plugs into your iPad for a great sounding and authentic learning experience. With wireless connectivity you can enjoy anywhere, you’ll be learning with real guitar strings and real guitar frets.  Takes advantage of all midi sound effects and apps. Available late March.


i-Flash Drive HD Gen 2

This is a perfect way to expand the memory on your smartphone or tablet.  Available in 16, 32 and 64 GB models, this mini-flash drive has connectors for Android, USB, Apple 30–pin and Lightning.  Copy music, videos and photos from your computer via USB and then play back on the smartphone or tablet of your choice.


Matrix Audio Qube2

Want the worlds’ smallest stereo speaker?  Two 3Watt speakers are jammed in this finely finished aluminum shell and sound terrific.  Bluetooth connectivity works up to 30 feet. Takes no space, so you’ll be able to take it anywhere. Comes with a handy carrying loop and a quick connect clip.

MatrixAudio Qube 2

Xperia Z1S

Could this be the best new phone coming to market? Possibly.  With a beautiful Luminous display, pleasingly rounded case with well-placed controls and killer specs, there’s so much to like. This is waterproof to almost five-feet deep, has a dynamite Snapdragon Quad-core processor and a camera with an f-2.0 lens and 20.7 MP sensor.  Watch this space for a full-blown hands-on test soon.

Xperia Z1S-9134

DJI Phantom 2 Vision

Ready to fly right out of the box, this high quality quadcopter will easily fly up to 400’ in the air and has a range of up to 1.5 kilometers.  Flight time is 25 minutes and high definition stills and video can be previewed from your smartphone.

Phantom 2 Vision

IOGear NetShair router, repeater and hotspot  GWRHI

Plug this little gadget in the wall and instantly create your own personal hotspot. Share files in an office, hotel room or conference room.  With one wired Internet connection, up to seven iOS and Android devices can all connect.

IOGear NetShair link

Domke Next Generation photographer’s bags

After years, the Domke line has been updated with new fabrics (the old is still available as well) and new accessories.  Pick from 8 different bag styles and three different fabrics.

Domke bags


Steadicam Curve for GoPro  all models

After all the big cameras got a Steadicam, finally there’s one specifically for the action photographer with a GoPro camera.  The handle locks down for transport and for those times when you want to hold it firmly.  Weighs almost nothing but works like a charm.

1-8-2014 5-58-43 PM

Sharp 85” 8K LED TV – glasses free 3D

You can’t buy it yet but we got to watch it in action.  Fabulous would be a fair description.  If you gotta have the best in your home theater, better get a reservation in now.


G Tech Multi portable vacuum

Available in about 12 weeks, this little lightweight is going to make a big impact on anyone who uses it. For some time, its big brother has won top honors for the best battery operated upright in the UK. Coming to the US, this portable is worth waiting for.  Multi-functional – this will get in all those tight places.


Elio Motors

Their plant is getting ready and these babies should be hitting the road in 2015.  Carries two passengers, (one behind the driver) and gets 84 MPG.  Only costs $6,800 and that includes air-conditioning, power windows and locks, AM/FM stereo and 3 year warranty. Before you ask – they expect a 5-star crash test rating. Made in the USA in Shreveport, LA.


LG Cinema 3D

What do you get when you slap 120 HD 3D screens together with some killer 3D movie footage – you get an unbelievable 3D experience, that’s what.  Even busy people spent more time watching than they thought they would – super compelling.



You won’t believe what else is going on at the International Consumer Electronics Show. If you missed Day One’s hot pics from 2014 CES, be sure to check them out.

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