Yesterday wrapped up the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show and so we present our last batch of items we think our readers will find interesting and useful. Any questions on the 50 products we’ve featured? Leave them in the comments at the bottom of the article.

Vivitek Qumi 5 Projector

There’s nothing like watching your movies or games on the big screen – like maybe 90” perhaps. At a fraction of the price of a 90” TV you can get this miniature projector for about $400-500 and take it with you where ever the next party takes you.  Only 4”x6”x1”, and weighing just 1#, this 500 lumen projector might be the best combination of price, size and brightness.


Geonaute 360 degree action camera

Simultaneous video is shot by three 8 MP sensors and stitched into a 360 degree horizontal by 150 degree vertical scene in real time in-camera. The pictures I saw were amazingly sharp and detailed but the developers are working to make them even better before the camera hits the market later this year. The camera will come with a wealth of adapters and mounts so it can be used anywhere, even under water. The removable battery provides up to 2 hours shooting time and it will accept up to 64GB micro SD cards.

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TomTom GO

This newest line of GPS PND’s (personal navigation devices) raises the bar on accuracy and reliability of the data being provided. Compared to some competitors, 99.9% of all roads are monitored for traffic congestion versus only 9% on some competitors’ products. TomTom pinpoints the start and stopping points of traffic jams to within 30 feet they claim. Updates are processed every two minutes. Eight new models offer a choice of lifetime map updates, lifetime traffic updates (through your phone) and/or 3D maps of urban centers.


SwissVoice Voice Bridge

Now, with one tiny little box, you can link all your home land line phones and all your mobile devices. Make or take calls from any one and let others join the conversation by just tapping the screen of their device. That means, now your tablet can be your phone while you’re at home. Works with iOS or Android devices – up to five at once. Provides intercom connectivity between devices at no charge. Even manage your blacklists of telemarketers to avoid.

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Gisteq Flashmate LED Video Light  Model 198C

Cool to the touch LED video lights are a pleasure to work with. With just a turn of the dial, the light will render daylight, tungsten or a combination of both. Light intensity is also dial controlled. Use Canon, Sony or AA batteries for power. 16:9 widescreen design matches most modern camcorders.



Pick your tablet – pick your case. A variety of cases for iPad, Galaxy Tab and Note, Nexus, Kindle Fire and Asus Memo Pads.  Pick a slim shell case, a dual view folio style or my favorite, the Executive Portfolio Case of genuine leather with dual zipper closure.  Comes complete with 3 in 1 capacitive stylus with ballpoint pen. Slots for accessories and ID cards line the cover flap. Easily spin your tablet for landscape or portrait viewing or snap it out and use the detachable inner sleeve for handheld stability. Available in a choice of five colors.


Noise Hush i7 Headphones

For under $100, I challenge you to find a better Active Noise-Cancelling headphone. Super comfortable, these around-the-ear phones are a pleasure to wear and the world is blocked out as soon as you slip them on. The ear cups swivel so they lay flat for travel or packing. An inline mic is installed in the cable so you can answer phone calls without removing the headphones.


Amped Long Range Wi-Fi

There’s no more reason to have bad wireless at your home or office. Amped offers a full line of routers, range extenders, access points and adapters to cover up to 10,000 square foot areas. That’s probably all your house and most of your yard. Select just the right one for your need at their online learning center. Compared to some other name brands, you might see your wireless speeds increase from 300 Mbps to 1,900 Mbps.

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Nexto DI portable storage Model 2730

We all know that we need to back up our digital photo and video files, and the sooner the better. Now, with a Nexto DI, you can do it right in the field as you shoot – no computer necessary.  Smart enough to back up only the latest files, these units are available in sizes starting at 500GB, with a battery that will last long enough to fill the whole device. Also checks the condition of your cards before you shoot. Never come home again with a corrupted card. Also provides small LCD screen to see your shots as they are backing up. Only adds 8 ounces to your pack, but packs a ton of security for your photos.

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JUC700 KVM swap and file transfer

Control two Windows laptops (from XP-v8) from one keyboard with this simple USB cable.  Extend the screen from one laptop to the other in either primary, extended, mirror or rotation modes. Copy files from one to the other by simply dragging and dropping them. Files transfer at 5 Gbps speed.


Niteize InkAMobile pen and touchscreen stylus

Always keep a pen and a stylus handy with this all-in-one nylon and carbon fiber device. The pen’s replaceable cartridge writes in extreme temperatures, even under water. The opposite end reveals a capacitive stylus for touch-screens. The pen will always be available with its handy carabiner clip.


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