Whether you are trying to sell a commercial or residential property, the buyers first impressions are most important. A great first impression actually starts before they even arrive at your address.


More and more buyers are selecting the list of properties they want to see from the listings found on the Internet. No longer does it take a visit to a Realtor to see a list of potential properties – even for-sale-by-owner’s properties can be found on line.

That means that the photos you have of your property, along with the verbal description, have to “sell” your property to even get on a buyer’s radar. Really good photos are key to making that first impression, so photography is not something to skimp on.


No matter how great your smartphone, those images probably are not going to fill the bill.  You’ll want advantage of wide-angle lenses and perspective correcting software to make the best impression. Enlist the aid of a professional and you’ll be head and shoulders above most other properties who leave the photos to their listing agent.

For more great hints on listing your property, you’ll want to check out this article by Carley Hamilton, Marketing and Ecommerce Director of U-Fab.  You’ll notice that her #1 tip is also to get great photos.

Good luck and happy selling.


[Photos by Kent Eanes – provided by Carley Hamilton, U-Fab.com]