RODE iXY-100You bought that new DSLR to shoot some awesome video. Too bad its microphone is one tiny little hole near the flash. Obviously you need auxiliary firepower. RODE Microphones to the rescue with their IXY stereo mic for iPhone and a holder to match.

With the number of photographers that carry the iPhone, it was only natural to make a mic that leverages the iPhone to make it the most useful it can be.

In the attached video, you see what a full sound you get from the iXY mic compared to the iPhone’s native microphone…which I used to think did a fairly decent job. The iXY mic feels very sturdy yet weighs in under 2 ounces, so it’s very pocketable.

The matched pair of cardioid capsules give a nice stereo separation without phasing problems. You can still use your headphones to monitor the recording, but you’ll want to plug the headphones in first before mounting the iXY mic. Use the RODE Rec app to get the highest quality recording possible.

RODE iXY-2353

Approaching the quality of a dedicated audio field recorder, this recorder and its dedicated free app lets you record at 24-bit/96kHz for the finest quality available on an iPhone. Once recorded, it can be edited and published in a snap – including MP3 output for those times when small file sizes matter.

The iXY comes with a great little carrying case with carabiner and a wind screen for use outside.

RODE iXY-2380

RODE took some time before releasing the dedicated RODEGRIP holder for the iPhone with iXY mic attached. The wait was sure worth it. The grip itself is almost a miracle of multi-purposeness. (I’m sure that’s a word??)

RODE iXY-2352

It will hold the iPhone/iXY combination in horizontal mode on your cameras hot shoe.

RODE iXY-2358

If you are using a grip with a side mount, it can also be mounted that way. That way your top hot shoe is still available for external flash.

RODE iXY-2355

Using the iPhone for recording audio without your camera, it can also be set up as a pistol grip.

RODE iXY-2374

Okay , sometimes you  just want to relax and watch a movie, so it will act as a stand for your iPhone as well.

RODE iXY-2378

Best part, everything folds flat into itself and takes almost no room in your pocket or camera bag.

RODE iXY-2352


Rode RODEGrip Multi-Purpose Mount for iPhone 4/4S - Black

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