Leef Technology LTD memory cardAfter becoming disillusioned with one of the major brands of SD cards recently, I’ve been on a search for additional vendors that I could recommend. Just before the 2014 CES show I came across Leef Technology LTD, based right here in the good ole USA.

Leef Technology

They’ve been in business since 2010 and have a great design philosophy – “building products that people want to own.” A quick look at their website reveals that they have delivered – time and time again.

Watching some other brand’s quality go out the window, it’s refreshing to see a company whose designers actually oversee the manufacturing process. Just like building a house, there are always questions that come up when the product goes into production. It’s nice to know that the person who knows it best is there to answer questions.

So what did I test?

Being a photographer, I can’t have enough memory cards. So, I tried out their 32GB SD and MicroSD PRO cards. Just introduced in December 2013, their new UHS-1 (Ultra HIgh Speed) PRO line pushes data around at a blazing 300X – meaning they can read and write at 45 MB per second. That’s perfect for today’s pro photographers who are now often shooting 45 MB RAW or TIF files.

Leef Technology LTD memory card

It’s also ideal for the videographers out there who are shooting HD video. With the new string of action camcorders like my GoPro Hero 3, this is a perfect MIcroSD, capable of glitchless recording. No dropped frames – just smooth, fluid motion.

Each MicroSD card comes with an SD card adapter, so you’ll be able to download images to any standard notebook computer with an SD slot. All the PRO cards are done in white which makes them easier to spot in the bottom of a typically black camera bag.

So how did it test?

I took the cards out into the winter winds while testing another product – the EcoReco electric scooter. I used the SD card in my Nikon D5300 on a tripod in the back of my car.  The MicroSD card went into my GoPro – strapped to my chest with a PeakDesign ProCapture clip and POV mount.

The GoPro obviously had the worst conditions; bouncing along a partially snow-packed parkway sidewalk and below-freezing wind-chill riding at 22 MPH. I filmed six or seven runs over the hour I was there and when I came back to the office, the video played back flawlessly. Took me an hour to warm up, but the cards never complained. You can watch the video here.

I guess that’s to be expected, because their press release that convinced me to try them states that “Leef PRO Cards utilize Leef¹s PrimeGrade MemoryTM. PrimeGrade Memory consists of 100% functional memory die-sealed into a thermoplastic casing, making it waterproof and shock resistant to protect data from life¹s accidents.”


Can’t ask for more than that.  They’ve got a new advocate in this photographer.

Now I’m anxious to try out some of their other products tested by fellow Examiner, Rick Limpert in Atlanta.  (Wonder if he tried out any of his cards in the Winter Vortex that hit his city recently? Sorry Rick – couldn’t resist.)

See some of their other products in this video. And check out the Leef Memory Cards at their site http://2leef.com or purchase them online at Amazon.com.  I think you’ll like them.

Recommended for Seniors.
DougBardwell.com awards their Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating for Leef memory cards. The Leef card is a quality product, waterproof, shockproof and ready for any challenge you throw it. You’ll especially like the fact they are bright white in color and easy to find in a crowded camera bag.



Leef PRO microSD 64GB UHS1 300x Adapter

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Leef PRO 32GB microSDHC Ultra memory card w/Adapter [Personal Computers]

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Leef PRO SDXC 64GB UHS1 300x
List Price: $15.56
Price: $15.56
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