Peak Design P.O.V. kitWith GoPro cameras being all the rage now, Peak Design has come out with their latest accessory, the P.O.V. kit for their Capture v2 and Capture Pro camera clips.  The new P.O.V. Kit actually works with just about any action camera or pocketable point-and-shoot.

What’s it for?

The beauty of the Capture and Capture Pro plates are that they convert backpacks, belts, messenger bag straps, etc. into convenient holders for your DSLR or video camera. If you’re not familiar with the Capture, start reading here.  With the Capture’s design, your camera is held vertically, with the lens typically pointing down. With the new P.O.V. kit, you receive a number of pieces including the one that turns your camera 90 degrees so that the lens is point out in front of you.  Now you’re ready to shoot on the go, capturing the same action that your eyes see as you ski, bike, parachute, whatever.  You can also belt mount a point and shoot that would have been unworkable with just the Capture v2 or Capture Pro.  With all the accessories in this kit, your opportunities are multitudinous.


Here’s what’s in the box:

  • 1 Capture adapter plate (slides into Capture)
  • 1 J-arm (connects the adapter plate to a GoPro camera)
  • 1 point-and-shoot plate (connects the adapter plate to point-and-shoot cameras)
  • 2 connection screws (aluminum heads with stainless steel shafts)
  • 1 stabilizer pad (clamps behind your backpack strap, allows smoother video)
  • 1 microfiber pouch for storage
  • 1 4mm hex wrench (for securely connecting point-and-shoots)

Peak Design P.O.V. kit

How well does it work?

I recently took the POV and my Capture Pro out to do a product shoot for an EcoReco battery operated scooter. With the Capture Pro already mounted to my backpack, all I had to do was attach my GoPro to the J-clip and slip in on.  It worked great and most all the POV footage on this video was shot that way. You’ll see some footage looking directly at me while I ride and you’ll notice I’m not wearing a backpack. That’s because I transferred the GoPro Hero 3 to my iStabilizer monopod for those shots. My backpack straps are fairly well padded and heavy-duty so I didn’t need it, but Peak Design has included a padded stabilizer pad in case your straps are not very thick. With the addition of the pad you’ll get a steadier video stream from your action cam. Peak Design P.O.V. kit There’s not much to not like about the P.O.V. Kit.  With the smaller base plate for your point-and-shoot cameras and the dedicated base for GoPro cameras, you’ll be using this more than you realized. Peak Design has done it again. Other articles about Peak Design products you’ll want to see: Capture v2 – your camera’s best friend Original Capture camera clip and the Leash ProPad for the heaviest camera/lens combinations Divider

Peak Design Capture PRO Camera Clip with MICRO Plate

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