rokform-133No matter which kind of rider you are, the Rokform Bike Mount is something to consider if you take your phone with you when you ride (or shop, or run errands, or whatever.)

What kind of rider are you?

Extreme bikers – this isn’t for you.  Try here instead. Everybody else…keep reading.

Just about everyone I know takes their phone when they are riding.  Matters not if you ride a 10-speed, a 21-speed, or a PeeWee Herman special. Maybe you ride a scooter for the handicapped or an EcoReco electric scooter like I’ve been testing recently.

Or, maybe you don’t ride at all, but rather push a child’s stroller or a grocery cart. Whatever your style, it makes sense to have your phone with you and even more sense to have it accessible at all times.

Rokform Bike Handlebar Mount

If you’ve read my previous article about Rokform phone cases, you know I’m a fan. Their cases are elegantly simple to use and offer heavy duty protection. I’ve dropped my iPhone a dozen times with no ill effects so far. Not that I’m trying to kill it mind you.

Now Rokform is offering an easy to use mount that can be installed in 60 seconds on any bike, scooter, golf cart, baby stroller, grocery cart, etc.  As easily as it installs, you can remove it just as easily and transfer it to another device.


It the handlebar is large enough diameter, it’s merely a case of slipping the mount around the bar and pulling the stretch tab tight. Twist your phone in place and you’re off.

If you’re going to be doing some bouncing around on your wheels of choice, you’ll probably want to wrap your handlebar with a single rotation of the supplied adhesive tape in your kit.  That give the mount some additional bite and keeps it from rotating when you hit a bump.



Couldn’t be easier to use – no tools required and I love that I can transfer it from electric scooter to bicycle to grocery cart. Brilliant!

Check out the handlebar mount and all the phone cases available from Rokform at