What microphone is best for beginning photographers/videographers?  That’s always a tough question, but for now, the simple answer is probably RODE’s VideoMic GO.  Nothing to set, just plug it in and record.

RODE VideoMic GO


This has to be the best thing for starting shooters that I’ve ever come across.  A high-quality microphone, set in a shock mount with none of the hassle of professional microphones.

  • No phantom power to deal with.
  • No need to buy a shock mount.
  • No batteries.
  • No assembly.
  • No fine tuning.
  • No XLR cables.

Just “plug and shoot” even on your “point and shoot” camera.  It will work on any camera that has an 1/8” (3.5mm) plug. That even includes GoPro  cameras.


The VideoMic GO also comes with a “hot-shoe” mount that just slips right on to your camera. Slide it in, tighten down the knurled ring, plug in the cord and start shooting – just that fast. With no internal power, there’s not even an “On-Off” button to worry about.

I was amazed at the additional volume you get when recording with the VideoMic GO. This illustrates the difference in sound levels when recording from 15’ away in my office.  Not only do you get more sound, the quality of the sound is much superior as well.

Volume difference


At only 2.5 oz. in weight, this thing is so light, you’ll never notice it on your camera, but your viewers will thank you for the awesome sound it captures.  Check it out at http://www.rodemic.com.

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