MyCloud-EX2-151You want storage for all your photos, but the thought of paying a boat load of money for cloud storage just doesn’t sit right, does it? How about an affordable drive you can place on your network and then access from anywhere?  How about Western Digital’s newest introduction – the MyCloud EX2?

High performance NAS drives like this used to be prohibitively expensive, but now you can have 4 TB of capacity for under $370MSRP.  With a RAID1 setup, that’s 2 TB of fully-protected storage.

Want more storage?  The EX2 has two USB ports in the rear for even more storage. Slap on your biggest drives and share them via the cloud as well. Or use them to back up your full 4TB of hard drive storage.

The EX2 comes in four models:  0TB, 4TB, 6TB and 8TB.  With the 0TB model, you add your own raw drives. All the other models come equipped with WD Red drives and a two year warranty.

Backup options include RAID 1, USB, Cloud or LAN/WAN backup.

Use the EX2 to stream media as well as store it.  It’s set to go with a Twonky 7.2 and a DLNA-certified media server. An iTunes server is built in as well.

There are additional apps and options built-in as well.  Stay tuned for a full hands-on review soon.

For more information – check the Western Digital EX2 website.