The 2014 International Home + Housewares Show opened today at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. This annual tradeshow attracts 60,000 professionals’ representing kitchen and bath, appliance and cleaning trades.  More than 20,000 buyers are expected from more than 100 countries.

Here are the top ten cool items I saw on day one of the 2014 International Home + Housewares Show:


The Sous Vide (pronounced “soo-veed”) technique involves cooking food in vacuum-sealed pouches submerged in a water bath held at a precisely-controlled temperature. This foolproof method eliminates guesswork and lets anyone cook foods with incomparable taste and texture:




Chef’s Choice Sportsman Classic WafflePro Model 853 – perfect for the hunting lodge with its antlered deer head design.  Two waffles cook in less than two minutes.


Remington iCup Lifestyle series coffee brewing machines add a new twist to the old K-cup brewing technology.  A rotating spindle inside the K-cup sprays steam into the coffee grounds adding more flavor to each cup.


A four pack of Eco-Fill permanent filter capsules will save you lots of money. Brew your coffee for half of the cost of buying disposable K-cups and load them with exactly the coffee or tea you want. Adjust the strength of your drink as well by adjusting the quantity of grounds in each filter. Go green and keep from disposing hundreds of single use capsules.


The AeroGarden lets you start and grow your own herbs and spices right inside your home – no matter what the weather is outside. Available in multiple sizes to hold from three to seven plants.


Intex Queen Size Sofabed inflates in under five minutes and offers firm, comfortable seating as well as folding flat to create a queen sized bed. Arm rests have two built in drink holders.  Great for vacation – indoors or out.


Miracle LED lights offers a range of grow lights and more. It helps light your outdoor areas in a color that bugs seem to hate! The bright yellow LED beam effectively drives bugs away while producing almost no heat, delivering the light equivalent of a 50W bulb and lasting up to 20,000 hours.


Juicepresso is the slow juicer for those who want the very best results for their juicing regimen.  One piece instead of three, speeds clean up and its dishwasher safe.


(re)zips Reusable Storage Bags replace single use Baggies and can be put in the dishwasher for cleanup. Available in ½ cup and one cup sizes. Flat bottoms on the bags make it easy to load.


CoverBlubber is a reusable, super stretchy food saver available in four diameters.  Cover and save a half-grapefruit, orange, head of cabbage, whatever.  Hand wash – don’t put in dishwasher.


Stay tuned for more items the next three days – this show is huge.  And subscribe to this column if you’d like to see full reviews of these products as they become available.

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