As more and more of the workforce becomes mobile, it’s less and less likely that you are sitting in an office with a company network able to store and back up all your files. If you’re like me, you need more than the storage you can get from your laptop or Ultrabook.  I love my Lenovo Yoga 13, but the 128GB internal hard drive barely holds all my programs. I need something more for my photos, videos and daily projects.

Seagate Backup Plus Fast portable drive Seagate Backup Plus Fast

Here’s an elegant answer – maybe the best I’ve ever found – the Seagate Backup Plus Fast 4TB portable drive. With more capacity than any portable drive I’ve experienced before, this little black box is an awesome traveling solution to life’s computing problems:

  • ·         Big enough to store all my files
  • ·         Small enough to tuck into my messenger bag or backpack
  • ·         Powered by my laptop – no 110v adapter
  • ·         Fast enough to stream my videos
  • ·         Works with PC’s and MAC’s – without reformatting
  • ·         And it comes with a really useable dashboard of other features

At 4TB, it’s the largest capacity, tiny 2.5 inch portable drive on the market. With USB 3.0 power, there’s no need for a power adapter. WHOOPEE!  That alone is amazing. And with USB 3.0 – the data really flies from computer to hard drive and back.

Seagate Backup Plus FastThe black case is 4.5”x3.25”x1” and feels really sturdy.  The USB 3.0 cable is just under 18” long. It easily fits into the pockets of most messenger bags and can be ready to go in an instant.

Seagate Backup Plus FastI have my Seagate Dashboard set up to automatically back up all files from my Yoga 13 at 3:00 a.m. It’s such a nice feeling knowing that even if I forget to back up my daily work files, it’s going to be done automatically each night while I sleep.

But don’t stop there.  There’s also a component of the dashboard for automatically backing up your mobile devices as well. With the Seagate Mobile Backup app (iOS and Android), you’ll have a choice of backing up the phone’s photo and video files to either the cloud or to your Backup Fast Plus.

Plus – there’s more.  You can also download social media photos like Flickr and Facebook for safekeeping as well. Pretty major functionality from a device small enough to put in your pocket.

Check out the Seagate Backup Plus Fast at


Recommended for Seniors. awards their Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating for Seagate’s Backup Plus Fast portable drive. Whether you use it on the go or at home in your office, this drive can hold your whole photo collection, movie collection and music collection. It’s like an archive in your pocket.  Best of all it’s super simple to use.