Singtrix 172Are you ready to party?  Got your tunes pumped up?  What if you could add some serious sounding Karaoke to the mix?  Now you can – anytime and anywhere – with the portable sound studio from Singtrix.

Created by the guys that came up with Guitar Hero, this new technology takes Karaoke to the next level, with pitch correction and live harmonies.  That means if you are bad – you’ll sound much better, if you are good – you’ll sound great and if you’re a pro – you’ll be signing a recording deal.

Pick from the 340+ different song styles and effects to get the voice you always wanted. Whether you want the deepest voice of Barry White or the highest-pitched voice of Tinkerbell, whether you want to sound like Darth Vader or Roboto, or even if you just want to gender switch male to female or female to male; there are setting for all of those.

Your guests will have a ton of fun just scrolling through all the effects and trying them out. Once they are done with that, the real magic happens when you plug in your music source.

Through some super intensive, polyphonic real-time calculations, the Singtrix will analyze the music track you are playing, determine its key signature (how many sharps or flats) and serve up the proper harmony to make you sound fantastic. Works with music played from the free Singtrix app, or with any piece of music you have on your MP3 player. (If you’re playing an instrument, be sure to put it in “live instrument” mode to avoid the sound delay.)

Can’t sing? Now everyone sounds like a superstar! The Party is on! from Singtrix on Vimeo.


Pushing the “voice” button will drop out the primary singers voice to a low level so you can easily sing over top of them. With this technology you can use any music, anywhere – you’re not limited to certain Karaoke tracks. However, if you want all the music lyrics – timed to the soundtrack – consider signing up for the Singtrix Club. You’ll get 13,000 songs ready to play and an ad free interface. You’ll also be able to send your signal out to a TV and display your lyrics there. It’s presently $11.99/month or you can buy individual tracks.

Singtrix 170

The Singtrix is what amateur singers have always wanted – a back-up group to sing along whenever the mood strikes and a professional looking setup. The Singtrix comes with two microphones, a mic stand with holders for your MP3/smartphone and one for your tablet. It also comes with a robust 40W speaker for room filling sound. The heart of the system is a small box that contains the brains and all the sound effects. Simply spin a dial to pick a different voice and start singing. Couldn’t be easier – or more fun.

Singtrix 171

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