Boyce General Store Out in the country, away from the crowds, on a twisting country road, sets an unassuming little white building – Boyce General Store.  Not located in Boyce (that’s another 150 feet down the road,) it’s actually located at 10551 Woodburn Allen Springs Road in Alvaton, Kentucky (just outside Bowling Green.)

Boyce General Store outside Bowling Green, KY.Step up on the porch, enter the front door and get transported back to the 19th century when these stores were a common occurrence. Built in 1860, and still being restored, it’s a feast for the eyes and the nose.

Numerous tables line either side wall, denoting the stores newest use as a full-service restaurant.  Beyond the tables, the old store shelves still carry a wide variety of necessities for those living in the neighborhood.  Groceries and snacks, paper products, condiments, soft drinks can all be had, along with fluids for your car.  Need a bolt for a tractor? Just ask.  They’re in the back room, but they’ve got them. Looking for a gift idea? They also carry local crafts and art pieces done by people in the area.

Boyce General Store outside Bowling Green, KY.Brie and her husband Brad Golliher have been working tirelessly to update the old general store concept and to feature Brie’s baking talents.  In a case next to the register, you’ll want to try some of her mini pies available for takeout. If you have time, you’ll even be happier if you have it warmed and topped with a scoop of their locally sourced vanilla bean ice cream.

Boyce General Store outside Bowling Green, KY.

In the back, you find their daily specials on a floor-to-ceiling blackboard.  Place your order, grab a glass for some of their homemade ice tea – sweetened or unsweetened and find a table or booth to suit you. When the plate arrives, you’re in for some fine food.

I had the small burger with a side of onion rings. Doug went for the fish sandwich and curly fries.  He was surely wishing it was Friday night, because they do a fish fry then each week, packing in the locals and those who drive some distance just for their fish dinners.

Boyce General Store outside Bowling Green, KY.Check their schedule, as they also do “reservation dinners” complete with white table linens and two seating per night. One price covers everything, but you do need reservations.

You’ll never see this place from the interstate, so it’s just one more reason to get off the highway and explore America’s back roads.  Brie and Brad will make you glad you did.