Eyeglass wearers have got something to cheer about finally.  Now you can wear your glasses and wear your sunglasses simultaneously.  Cocoons are designed to custom fit right around your existing glasses without having to clip, clamp or slide lenses together.  They slip on over your existing eyeglasses so easily, you can put them on with one hand while you’re driving.

Cocoons sunglasses

First thing to do if you want a pair is to go to the www.cocoonseyewear.com website where you’ll find a nicely done download of printouts for various eyeglass styles.  You print out a number of sheets and then place your own glasses on the printout to see which is the closest fit.  There was just one that almost identically matched my glasses, so that’s the one I ordered.

Fitting chart for Cocoons

Your next choice is color of frame and color of lens.  I opted for the black frame with the amber polarized lens.  It actually has a Polare green mirror look to the front of the glasses, but the amber tinting does some marvelous things to the scene you are looking at.

Unlike many polarized glasses, this amber lens does not darken blue skies, but actually makes them slightly lighter. Other colors, such as reds and greens get more vibrant. But the real benefit is the increased contrast and improved depth perception in various lighting conditions.

Dave Dean, Vice President of Marketing, says, “The green mirror is a tried and true favorite of many outdoor sports enthusiasts, especially those that enjoy fishing in the shallow waters of ocean flats where spotting the fish through intense glare is critical.   The intensity of glare reflected off the water’s surface is severe and the combination of our 100% polarized amber lenses with the new green mirror will provide anglers with exceptional glare protection and keep them on the water longer with minimal eye strain.”

It’s really quite amazing. The best comparison I can give is that it’s like watching Hi-Def TV versus standard definition TV.  Yes, it’s really that pronounced a difference.

The frame styles are designed to give 360 degrees of protection from UV rays. The Polare lens are scratch resistant and guaranteed for one year.  The frames can be bent around your ears if desired, but mine have just the right amount of spring tension and stay perfectly in place.

A soft-sided, zippered carrying case with belt hook is included, as is a cleaning cloth.  Give them a try, I think you’ll be impressed.

Check out all the models available at http://www.cocoonseyewear.com.

Recommended for Seniors.

DougBardwell.com awards their Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating for Cocoons Polare polarized sunglass collection.  Being able to put on sunglasses while still wearing your prescription lenses means your eyes stay protected and your vision isn’t affected. Easy to put on, easy to take off, they are the ideal solution to the need for sunglasses.