When you’ve got a nice, compact Ultrabook like the Lenovo Yoga, you deserve an equally slick and compact mouse.  After just one use, you’ll be sold on the Lenovo Dual Mode Wireless Touch Mouse  N700.

Lenovo Dual Mouse

Unique among mice, you can use this as a wireless 2.4 GHz mouse or as a Bluetooth 4.0 mouse. A three-position switch on the tail end of the mouse lets you set it for either operation.  The third position is for pairing the first time you use the mouse with Bluetooth.


If using the mouse in wireless mode, a small USB receiver is revealed when sliding open the battery cover.  Plugged into your computers USB port, it will immediately pair with the mouse.

When stored in your computer bag or pocket, the N700 lies basically flat. Overall, it’s approximately the same width as a credit card and about a half-inch longer. Top to bottom, it’s about a half-inch thick.


To use the mouse, there’s a twist hinge in the center that gives it an easy-to grasp form factor. With the twist- joint laying comfortably at the edge of your palm, your fingers align perfectly with the three operable sections on top of the mouse.


Left click and right click sections work as you would expect.  The center section is where some magic comes into play. Stroking up and down on the center section creates a vertical scroll. Pressing the Windows symbol at the end of the center section brings up the Start screen.  On Windows 8 machines, flip your finger to the left and the Charms screen appears.

Folding the center section back to flat again, if you press the Windows button twice quickly in succession, you activate the laser pointer and presentation mode. The right button is used to advance your presentation and the left button will go back to the last slide.

Since the flat position is also the “off” position, the unit will hibernate after ten minutes of inactivity.  Should you be still making a presentation, simply press the Windows key again to reactivate it.



This is truly a great multi-purposed mouse that’s very comfortable to use.  Check it out and order from http://dbhas.info/1nemrN3.

This product is has been awarded the Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating on DougBardwell.com. Check the Senior’s page for more recommended products for those 65 and up.

Recommended for Seniors.
DougBardwell.com awards their Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating for Lenovo’s Dual Mode Wireless Mouse and Laser Pointer. The operation couldn’t be any easier and it’s ideal to travel with.  With its dual mode of operation, it should work with virtually any laptop you have.