You’ve heard the saying “Less is more,” and such is the case with the range of lightbulbs available from Miracle LED.  LED’s are super popular in the commercial real estate market, where landlords realize that the premium price returns its cost many times over in lack of maintenance and lack of heat generated by comparable bulbs.

Miracle LED bulbs

Miracle LED is now bringing that convenience and cost savings to the retail market with their line of specialty LED bulbs.  The standard bulb has 38 little LED’s and costs just 3 cents for 100 hours of operation. Depending on your utility costs, that’s an average of $50 per year savings compared to using 50 watt bulbs.

You might want to check out the two I recently tested.  Each bulb produced 300 lumens of light and the estimated cost of operation per year is a mere 24 cents.


I tried the Absolute Daylight Spectrum Grow Light (605010) and the Bug Light (605023).  Both are significantly lighter in weight than they look.  Designed to simply screw in and replace your ordinary bulbs, they can be used anywhere you previously had an incandescent bulb. With no heat generation to speak of, they can be comfortably placed close to where you are sitting or working.

The Absolute Daylight Spectrum Grow Light is just one of a series of grow lights manufactured by Miracle LED.  They also come in red, blue, purple, yellow and daylight color temperatures for various growing applications such as rooting, stemming, leafing, flowering and fruiting.

Be sure to check out their entire line and start saving some of your hard-earned money.

Miracle LED-9202

Recommended for Seniors. awards their Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating for Miracle LED’s. These Miracle LED light bulbs are especially recommended for seniors as the whole replacement process is almost a thing of the past. Put one of their garage lights in and you won’t be climbing that ladder again for probably two or three years.