Photogs and Mac users, rejoice.  Now there’s a device that’s going to make your life a whole lot more pleasant. I’m referring to the new speed demon My Passport Pro 4TB portable drive from Western Digital. If you’re ready to witness the Ferrari of photo transfer speeds, read on.

Western Digital My Passport ProMy Passport Pro = speed demon

With cameras shooting the highest megapixels sizes ever and the size of the new 4K video camera files, it becomes more and more important to be able to transfer data at the highest possible speeds. Combine Apple’s Thunderbolt and the My Passport Pro and you’ve got the fastest throughput currently possible.

A typical HD movie is about 22GB and with the My Passport Pro, you’ll be able to transfer it in under two minutes. Got lots of high bitrate MP3 files?  How about moving 2,000 of them in 45 seconds.  That’s fast, actually up to 233MB/s fast.

My Passport Pro = security

In addition to the speed, My Passport Pro 4TB is actually dual 2TB drives that are set up in RAID 1 formation.  Always having two copies of your files is a very secure feeling.  For those with monstrous data needs, you can opt for RAID 0 for high performance and the full 4TB of storage.

Both 2.5 inch hard drives are shock tested to assure reliability.

My Passport Pro = bus powered

Typically, dual drive setups require a wall-wart plug for power and that limits their usefulness on the road.  Finding a single outlet is sometimes an effort and finding two makes life just that much tougher. Who needs tough?

My Passport Pro is strictly bus-powered, so the simple Thunderbolt connection is all the power you’ll need.

Put them all together and you have a compelling reason to consider My Passport Pro for your workflow.


WD 4TB  My Passport Pro Portable  External Hard Drive  - Thunderbolt  - WDBRNB0040DBK-NESN

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